Florida Museum of Natural History By: Jasmine benavidez.

This section of the museum was called the Estuary. This caught my eye because he felt that I was actually some type go bird watcher or a beachcomber although it was not real. In general I never about Estuary's. These beautiful sites happen when salt water meet fresh water, which as you can imagine there are a lot here in florida. My overall experience at the ,museum was amazing. Having 3D images of past history made it even more enjoyable.
The museum allowed me to experience nature as if it were real life. It allowed me to love, respect, and admire the beauty of the world. Other people reacted to the museum the same way I did. Children were more excited then the adults, but I loved seeing that they were really into the exhibits. Although I did not really agree with having a butterfly exhibit at the museum it was still beautiful to see. I feel though that butterflies are just like any other animal. They need to be free from captivity. If humans really want to learn about the nature of butterflies, then they should observe them when they are in their natural habitat. Its unethical to keep any animal captive.
Its not everyday that we learn about the world's pastime and see fossils from animals that have gone extinct. The museum allowed me to take a break from the difficult life as a college student. It gave me a better understanding of a state that I have lived in my whole entire life. Some of the things that I learned from the Florida Museum of Natural History into appreciate the world and its nature. One day they could be the next they could not, so whenever I have the opportunity to experience the natural world I will.
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