Learning Objective 3 Learning: RETRIEVAL practice self-study

Mnemonic Device

I am going to use a mnemonic device to help me remember the names of the strong acids for my upcoming chemistry 1020 quiz. I plan to repeat the saying and its meaning 10 times every night for a week before the quiz. The device is "He Could Have Been Her Ideal Neighborhood Cutie She Purred” which stands for: "Hydrochloric Hydrobromic Hydroiodic Nitric Chloric Sulfuric Perchloric." The repetition across the span of a week will help commit it to long-term memory.

Quiz 8 – 83

Quiz 9 - 78


I am going to take previous versions of my chemistry test, one every night, on the five nights leading up to the test. In theory seeing the material tested in many different ways should help me to be prepared to answer any question. I don’t fully understand why the method failed to work. I felt very confident going into the exam however the grades did not reflect that.

Test 1 – 69

Test 2- 70


I am going to use quizlet as an avenue t study for my Psych 3060 exam. I found a study list that covers the exam material and I plan to go through it everynight for a week prior to my exam. This should get easier each night as the week progresses. I should also become more familiar with the terms that I need to know.

Test 2 – 82

Test 3 – 90


Employing these study tactics were, in general, beneficial to my studies. Mnemonic devices were helpful in remembering the strong acids for my chemistry quiz, but the grades do not reflect that. I feel that that is a result of the tactic not fully applying to all of the information that was assessed. It was true that I remembered the strong bases but I was not as familiar with other material such as the Bronsted-Lowry model. I was the most disappointed by the self-testing tactic. This tactic required a lot of effort to employ and the payoff was null. I spent hours upon hours taking, correcting and understanding the past chemistry tests and still did not improve my score. That being said its possible that the material for the second exam was simply harder than the first because I did not really study for the first but got similar results on both. The tactic I was the happiest with was quizlet. The apps easy o use interface allowed me to study quickly and repeatedly. This helped because I was able to go through the study set multiple times in twenty minutes and I could also be studying while walking from one location to another. In addition this tactic was also quite effective. I improved from an 82, a low B, to a 90, and A. To put the numbers in perspective I spent a total of about seven hours doing the self testing method and only improved one point, meanwhile I spent a total of an hour and a half maybe two on quizlet and improved eight points which is almost an entire letter grade.

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