Greetings! As we move into this new season of crisp air and changing colors, we reflect the parallel changes that our agency has gone through these past few months. Read on to hear about program highlights, updates, and exciting events coming up!

This summer, the programs in our Child Welfare Services hosted events for their clients and families. We couldn't help but share some of these sweet moments!

We recently completed the 2018 United Way Reports for Behavioral Health, In-Home Support, Hoarding Intervention and Treatment, Outreach & Case Management, Pregnancy & Parenting Support, and Supported Parenting. The program directors and staff put together the reports that were filled with hours of research and statistics. Here are a few interesting facts:

- From July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, 1,110 clients were provided with mental health outpatient services in both Milwaukee and Waukesha.

- The majority of In-Home Support and Hoarding Intervention & Treatment clients have poverty level income. 86% live off an annual income of $24,999 or less, and just 3% of our clients live with income greater than $37,000 per year in Waukesha.

- The US Bureau of Census, Barker and Maralani (Booth et al., 2004) conservatively estimated that there were about 7 million parents with learning difficulties who have children under 18 in their homes in the US.

- Using the FY 2017 Health and Human Services Federal Poverty Guideline as an indicator, 668 or 92% of families (using a family of 4) served in our Outreach & Case Management Program live below 200% poverty with family annual income being under $24,000 per year and 404 or 55% of those served earned less than $10,000.00 annually in Milwaukee.

- Our Pregnancy & Parenting Support program has maintained considerable progress over the past two years with the percentage of participants who are breastfeeding. This year 54.17% of clients measured chose to breastfeed, which is similar to last year’s 59.41%. This is a significant increase, however, from just two years ago, which was at 41.38%.

Pictured left to right: Clarita Wesley, Courtney O'Donnell, Crystal Aguilar, Angela Wessels, Lucy Angulo de Araujo, and Dave Agnew

Pictured above are our staff who work in our Sheboygan and Fond du Lac offices. They provide Behavioral Health and Outreach & Case Management services at both offices, and we are so thankful for this hard-working group of individuals!

Legal Services for Immigrants (LSI)

LSI is a team of five attorneys who represent 4,000 low income clients at immigration and at the Chicago immigration court. They are also comprised of two paralegals and an office manager.

There’s been a lot of change within this past year; immigration law practice is devolving into a bit of a “goat rodeo.” No one knows what to expect, including the immigration judges, the asylum officers, or the adjudicators. Policies are proposed that never take effect and significant changes appear without warning. Our next community outreach is entitled, "Immigration: The Evolution of Chaos". In this seminar, we are going to offer a timeline of the changes beginning with the 2016 election. Although it is complex and sometimes hard to follow, we believe in the importance of educating society on the changes over the past two years.

For example, for the first time, domestic violence and crime victims are slated to be put into deportation. Many asylees no longer have the right to see a judge and will be deported for circumstances out of their control. For those of us practicing immigration law, truth is now stranger than fiction.

There are over 746,000 people in deportation proceedings throughout the United States; 28,448 at the Chicago court where we practice. Our clients have hearings scheduled in 2021. There are no immigration attorneys outside of Milwaukee or Madison, and those living in rural areas have nowhere to find accurate information. Even those living in larger communities have a hard time finding accurate information. One of our goals is to keep the immigrant community informed about what rumors are true and what is hearsay; the reality is harsh enough without embellishment. To reach our audience quickly, regardless of geography, we piloted a series of bilingual YouTube videos which now have over 8,000 hits. Technology is the doorway in which we hope to inform our audiences, not only in Southeastern Wisconsin, but across the United States.

- Barb Graham, Director of Legal Services for Immigrants

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Brewer's game! The food was a hit out of the ballpark, employees won prizes in the raffle, and we were able to spend quality time with coworkers we don't see everyday. The Brewers may have lost, but it was a win in our books!

Mark your calendars for Friday, September 28th for our All-Staff Meeting! Registration is from 8:30-9 a.m. in room 118 at the Cousin's Center.

Payroll Provider Change

As some of you may recall, two years ago we changed payroll providers to Paylocity. This transition allowed us to streamline many of our payroll processes, both with payroll information received from and available to staff as well as the data going out to vendors and the Finance team. Unfortunately, no system is perfect but after appraising some of the new challenges Paylocity presented I began to review other payroll products on the market.

After evaluating several different solutions, the decision was made to return to Payroll Data Solutions (PDS). Regulatory changes over the last few years, along with advancements in technology have pushed payroll providers to continue to develop their products to offer a competitive solution to their customers. As a result, I am confident that we can sustain the gains we made from the last conversion while addressing the new challenges we have faced. Thank you to staff who provided feedback about our payroll systems and processes over the years, as this was valuable information in assessing which solution would work the best for Catholic Charities.

PDS uses a different payroll engine (Kronos) than Paylocity, so information will be presented in a slightly different format than we are currently used to. In order to help make the transition as smooth as possible, I will be sending out communications throughout September as we work through the implementation process. While we are still in the early stage of the implementation process, the current plan is as follows:

• Monday September 17 – Staff begin using PDS to make PTO Requests, fill out timesheets, and to clock in and out

• Tuesday October 2 – Submit first Payroll Batch for Thursday October 4th paycheck

More information will follow over the next few weeks. Please feel free to reach out and let me know what questions or concerns you may have about this transition in the interim. You can also ask me any questions at the All-Staff Meeting.

Annual Performance Reviews

Our Annual Performance Reviews are just around the corner! Now is a good time to take look at your review from last year, to reflect upon the past year, and think about the challenges you will face and support you will need over the next year.

- Nate Braun, Human Resources Manager


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