How come everything we do is finding a good job, to have enough money to live a comfortable life? Don't you just want to relax and be happy? Your answer is here at the man made island of Rarotonga, where we have everything that comes to your mind when you think, paradise. We have snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, all inclusive top notch resorts, thrilling roller-coasters, zip-lines through tropical forests, and best of all... free WiFi, and unlimited 4G data... and more!

Mission statement: Because fun enriches the mind, brightens the soul, and feeds the spirit. -Luke Doman, PARADISE founder.


  1. Every year, everyone must do 87 hours (each) of service to the community. violators will have their service doubled.
  2. All supplies are limited, or in other words, you are given 200 dollars a month to pay for supplies (not including leisure activities or food.)
  3. alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind are not allowed. Violators will be sent home immediately.
  4. there is no fighting. violators will be sent to a brief 30 min cool down.
  5. phones will only be used for contacting. will not allow games on any device.
  6. money is not use able here. only used when entering.
  7. murder is the worst crime of all. those who commit this crime will be drowned publicly, while being eaten by pahranas
  8. to enter, you must have a bachelors degree.


The is no actual government. This is all business owned, but is approved by the U.S. government. The island is protected by a private army. How it works, is when you come in, you are paying for your stay, but when you do your service, you are actually working for this company. The company is named, "Doman International". There is more to learn in


Citizens will be allowed to sleep until 10:00. There are workout sessions from 6:00-9:00. Break feast is held from 7:00 until 11:00. From 12:00 to 1:30 is the recommended service time. after 1:30, lunch is held until 5:00. In the after noon, you can do any activity, (roller coaster, zip line, beach, etc.) at 6:00 dinner is held until 9:00. after 6:00 you may swim, watch movies, anything really, except go in the sea and go zip-lining. (safety reasons.) lights out are at 2:00 at night.


*bachelors degree

*200,000 dollars of entree fee.

*no criminal offence

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Luke Doman

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