Nuclear Waste For Dinner? By Mikayla Grafton

Nuclear waste is created when high level reactors create elcectricity.
If the tanks are damaged, the toxic can spill into the soil, ocean, and even air!
When consumed or ingested, it damages DNA, causing it to mutate, resulting in long term effects, such as cancer, brain damage, and health problems.
If it spills into the ocean, it effects the ocean life, also harming our food!
It would kill birds, fish, reefs, and other plants as it migrates throughout the ocean.


"Navy Spokesman Review Kenneth Hess pointed to a 1981 General Accounting office study that said the environmental danger of dumping was overblown" (Levesque).
It can affect the fish we eat, then passing it's radiation onto us, degrading our DNA which effects our future children, if we survive through the sickness!
If a facility illegally disposes of waste into a water source, it evaporates with the water, causing acid rain, which in turn damages buildings below and plant life as well. It is extremely dangerous because it then can soak into soil, watersources, and effect entire crops.

I hope you don't want to eat any of this waste!

Since we are already talking about our lovely ecosystem, let's move onto our

environmental reporter, Blahuczyn!

Created By
Mikayla Grafton


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