Good Life Nature Activity ELizabeth murray

Nature on Display

I found the butterfly exhibit to be particularly interesting because it is a unique experience to be in an enclosure surrounded by hundreds of butterflies. I loved how individual and colorful each butterfly was and felt I was immersed in a realistic jungle of some sort. The plants and butterflies flying everywhere caught my attention because it seemed so surreal to be surrounded by such beautiful creatures. I learned how under appreciated butterflies and their important role in the environment by pollinating. However, I did step on a butterfly by accident and learned how fragile and camouflaged butterflies can be. The butterfly was luckily rushed to the butterfly hospital and I think it is okay. Being actually immersed in the butterfly garden was far more impactful then simply looking at pictures of butterflies. Seeing them in person increased the realness of the experience and showed their beauty that no picture could ever provide adequate justice to.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum did provide me with the opportunity to truly experience nature in a way that Leopold recommended. I saw Florida nature, which I do see every day, in a condensed manner in one exhibit which allowed me to be completely immersed and exposed to the nature the exhibit wanted me to solely see. Being out in the environment can seem very commonplace, but in a museum exhibit it felt odd to be viewing nature in a exhibit which grabbed my attention. I felt peace at the sound of artificial bird noises and a peaceful recreated sunset with nature surrounding me. I felt very calmed and proud of my home states beauty. Noticing this beauty and feeling at ease with it also made me want to maintain our beautiful state and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, the exhibit didn't include the trash that is often found in the roots of Mangrove trees and rivers. Seeing nature so raw and real made me never want to see trash in our precious environment ever again, and realize the ethics involved with preserving our world. The museum allowed the visitors to connect with nature by making the exhibit to be walked through, which mimics walking through real life nature. The museum instilled within me the duty to preserve the environment so it stays beautiful like this picture perfect exhibit.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helped us step out of our ordinary lives by showing us various extinct animals that disappeared, most likely due to human interaction in the environment. This allowed us to feel sadness upon realizing we will never get to see these animal species, and invoke a sense of responsibility in every person to not allow this to continue happening. It made me realize that humans are more than just dangerous predators that endanger all other species, and that we can have positive impact upon nature. We have a duty to sustain this earth and look out for the animals who aren't very good at protecting theirselves from humans. This exhibit made me realize the possibility of wiping out species because of our greed for their furs or overtaking their habitats. Nature is not invincible, and our impact means more than we think. From this point on, I will knowingly work to better the environment and leave a positive foot print rather than a negative one.

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