Native americans How the europeans affected the lives of the native americans

By studying the historical topic about the the native Americans, Europeans and the colonist. Colonists and the Europeans affected lives of the native Americans. They forced them off their lands. They send all the native Americans onto reservations where the land was poor and life was hard. Many native Americans died because of the cruel treatment. Many native Americans also died fighting for their land. What also affected their lives is how the Europeans bring a lot of diseases that killed so many. It wasn't only the diseases that affected the native Americans, it's that they have to fight for the land they owned.

The Europeans and the native American.

According to the text native Americans started to get along with the British. The British made a promise to them saying that if they win the war against the french, they would help the native Americans get their land back. Although they didn’t really have to after the war was over in. The war started in 1754 to 1763.

The British and the Native American trade.

Before that there was also a beaver war that started in 1640 and that ended in 1701. Native Americans thought different about land some wanted to steal and some wanted to find land. In 1682 La sale claimed a large area near the Mississippi river for king Louis of France. The Europeans also clam land of the country's king or queen. They believed that the land can be bought or sold. They also believed that the land can be shared by the people who live there.

The text states that the native Americans and the colonist cooperated and traded with each other until they both sides wanted their own land so they had a war. Many native Americans were killed in the massacre caused by the colonist. One of the reasons they had a war is because after a while both sides didn’t really trust each other. The colonist wanted the native Americans to be like them, for example they wanted them to dress and speak like them.

The colonist turned the Native Americans to whites

The government also moved the native Americans to the Indians territory which is thousands of miles from their home. The native Americans called it the trail of tears which began in 1838. Their land was held hostage by federal government, the native Americans had to agree to removal to preserve their identity as tribes. They called it the Indian removal. They were forced to go to Oklahoma. Before the native Americans met the Europeans and the colonist, the native Americans had no clothes to wear so they made their own.

Trail of tears

In conclusion these are different ways that the Europeans affected the lives of the native Americans.

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