Service Only Team Weekly News

Week 3 Update

  • We now have all 50 Engineers enrolled onto the trial. This will help with routing, but also maximising the amount of service work and Q Service we complete as a team.
  • Completions: As a team we completed 86% of all Service work last week (Wk 38). More importantly 90% of all Sky Q Service work was completed by the team, up from 73% last week.

Q Service Survey

  • We have now had over 750 survey responses from you all, excellent work here and thank you.
  • Please be mindful with the question around "could this have been resolved by the call centre" They have limited capability to fix issues. (Card Pairing/ Account Issues & Education is a broad as they cover)
  • We have introduced the following questions to the survey, which will help us understand some further aspects.
  1. On Third Party Broadband Only, did you hard wired a booster to third party router?
  2. Did you replace any Sky Q Equipment, if so which products?
  3. Added an option for Booster- Booster hard wire (after feedback from you)

You Told Us Last Week

  • 19% required an Ethernet Connection
  • 14% could have been resolved by the call centre
  • 48% could have been resolved by previous engineer. (please use correct action code here, as we need to validate this. Wrong or No action codes make this very difficult)
  • 4% were realigned/ replaced dish
  • 18% were fixed by Installing a booster
  • 17% were resolved by replacing a Q Product.

What's else is Happening

TV Status Page: This has been updated again from previous update few weeks back, which makes it even easier to navigate. Links added such as "Report a New Incident", "Survey Links ". Survey links will take you directly to article with known issue, where you can complete a small survey.

Learnt New: I'm sure since the start of the trial we have all learnt something new, including me! So in the interests of sharing this with the team and also the wider population, please can you share these, by clicking on below link. List as many things as you can, that would benefit others.

  • Support: Ashley Bishop (L04) & Michael Kennedy (L05) will be out in the field providing support for you and TM's, as mentioned last week. If you require any additional support or advice, feel free to give them a call and i'm sure they will be more than happy to give you support and guidance.
  • Boosters: "You asked for more boosters" 10 Additional Boosters have now been ordered and sent to your lock boxes. Please ensure you collect on dates I sent out to you.
  • Trial Feedback: We haven't received the amount of Feedback as we would have hoped. Please could I ask that you all provide feedback via the links below. This is vital in helping us understand what works well and what we could possibly further develop?

Comments From You So Far

What's working Well

  1. "Having only service calls allows me to focus on fault finding, also the experience I have gained in these two weeks is invaluable, just the volume of service work means I have come across common faults (that I didn't realise we're common) as well as the less common. The little bit of extra time has allowed me to overcome these. The telegram group and newsletter are good for sharing information on faults."
  2. "Realising that more can be done on certain jobs".
  3. "Bouncing ideas around the teams Telegram thread has generated a lot of ideas / work around that I wasn't aware of and certainly helped fix a few problems

MDU Systems: Power Inserter & SCR

  • Power Inserter: Please refer to the following article on IKnow2 referencing Power Inserter. This will guide you when you come across any issues with these. Power Inserter provide the Q Switch with power, when there is no power supply present in switch cupboard.
  • In Iknow2 search No Sat Signal: Click on brief and Answer the questions in following order. Yes/ Yes/ No/ No and this will take you to brief for Power Inserter
  • DSCR: to find brief on Iknow2, search DSCR. Only one feed is needed on a MDU block that has a DSCR system fitted.

Communal Signal Issue:

  • Had a number of people this week ask what to do when they have signal issues' with a communal system and best course of action for our customers?
  • Firstly these systems are not owned or managed by Sky or Love Digital and therefore we have no control over them.
  • As previously with Classic, the customer needs to be referred to their Landlord/ Council or Maintenance company for such problems.
  • Love Digital: They are currently only responsible for upgrading the switch system and changing customers feeds from classic switch to Q Switch. Love digital currently do not undertake any Service work on behalf of Sky. Unless this is arranged independently via Landlord/ Maintenance Company or Council.

Thoughts for around the business

Each week we will look to have a blog from people involved within the trial. This week, John Pittam (Operational Change Lead) share's his thought on the trial:

Hi All,

Some of you may know me from the field improvement team and some of you may not know me at all. I have been with the company for 18 years as an engineer, team and regional coach moving into the field improvement team and now I am part of Operational Change. So as you can see I know HS inside out. I was asked to support John Walsh, the project manager on this project to guide him through the many complexities of the field and its moving parts. I remember once someone describing HS as the Tardis. Small to look at but enormous when you get in it! What you are supporting with on this project is invaluable to the way that we shape our field moving forward. Your feedback so far has been immense, allowing us to gather information, analyse the data and where possible take this and suggest changes. That in itself suggests that we deal with change every-day. What your daily role includes may have been added to but remember what I said before, that your input is vital, invaluable and will help us put the customer at the heart of everything that we do, believe me we are grateful for this. Have a safe week ahead and many regards


In case you have missed any previous weeks Newsletters, please click on links below:

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