How do you get a Concussion/ What happens? By: jaquElyn mills


You don't have to smack your head to get a concussion.

If you think you have one don't hit your head again.

It's okay to fall asleep after a concussion.

You don't need to rest your brain, it maybe could be harmful.

Rest is not the only treatment.

You can't predict anything with a concussion.

Many different sports you can get Concussions in, Hockey, Football, are the most likely ones to happen. But almost any sport can cause one.

Scientists gave some mice normal (1) concussion and the other mice more than one. Still they could run the maze by memory and make it out. But a few days later the neurons didn't respond. It was very amazing for scientists (Maybe not for the mice)

A concussion is a form of a mild traumatic brain injury occurs after a blow to the head. When getting a concussion the brain is pushed up against the skull. People with concussions can get headaches dizziness, fatigue, impaired foucus and sensitivity to light and sound.

Picture the brain as a bowl of spaghetti that suddenly flung out of a airplane. The noddles could snap from all the pressure while that can damage the sensitive neurons. That is what happens to football players as they get a concussion. Some of there neurons could snap.


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