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Who are the Jester group Pest & Kolera?

Let's be serious for just a short moment

We are a professional group, touring internationally, with comedy shows aimed at medieval and viking festivals. We are very accommodating and flexible, with great results time after time. It's no mystery that they always want us back!

CONTACT: info@pestochkolera.se TEL: 0768-834314


We've built a reputation of being one of the most spectacular shows to book in Europe by playing hundreds of Medieval and Viking Festivals

The Jester Group Pest & Kolera mix truly skillful tricks with incredibly stupid stunts

The show ranges from silly tricks that you can use on your next office party, to dangerous and painful maneuvers best left to the professionals

The show is bestween 20 and 45 minutes. Street shows are, by their very nature, a bit unpredictable and can vary a lot from performance to performance.

Even if the shows have a thread to follow, it is always on the verge of swerving of course and heading in a strange direction. It therefore isn't uncommon that the performers are laughing just as much as the audience


To be a jester at a Joust is great fun and we've worked with the biggest crews in Sweden (and some of the small ones as well)

If you want to bring your Jousts to an entirely new high, just throw us in the mix!

Whether you want new ideas, a new concept for the show, new feats of skill to test the knight in or just set everyting on fire, you can count on our expertise!

But first and foremost: We know how to get the crowd going

All jousts could use a bit of Pest & Kolera

To quote the jousting team Torneamentum:

"You are, quite simply, the best"


Let the Pest & Kolera turn up the heat!

With countless fire shows behind them, Pest & Kolera delivers their special blend of fire and comedy in a spectacular, funny and safe manner.

Skills are mixed with just a pinch of sillyness for an end result befitting both huge and small events.

Do you want more? A lot more? Check out our shows "Gycklarnas Natt", or "Ragnarrök"!

These unusual fire shows mix the comedy of our street shows with our skills as fire performers for an hour-long fireshow with lots of flame, laughter and amazement.

Laughter and applause are guaranteed, so are loud cheers. Tears are unlikely, as long as Anton remembered to wash his clothes...


We absolutely love silly things, and getting mixed up in stuff we know nothing about. So we made silly short films without proper knowledge, equipment or funding. But we had lots of fun in the process, hop you enjoy the result!



The three jesters, Jakkin, Anton och Toby have been featured in numerous film and tv productions, both as actors and as stunt performers. We have a special place in our hearts for historical pieces, but we do modern settings as well.

Stunts for events

Are you the speaker at the big event and want to make a memorable entrance? A high fall down on a set table, take a tumble from the top of the staircase, or descend on a rope to defeat some bad guys and save the night?

We've done all this, and a lot more! We love doing stunts dressed as the CEO, and making them look like superheroes! Always a memorable moment, and lots of fun!

Our performers love making you look amazing, while listening to the applause from backstage.

Stunts in movies and on TV

Several of Circus Titans performers have been seen on both film and television. Among the projects are the Johan Falk-series, Sanningen om Marika, 183 dagar.

With many years in front of the camera and a good comprehension of safety behind our stunts, we are a valuable asset for productions of any size

We perform choreographed fighting to your direction, historical fencing and brawling, tumbling down stairs, high falls, modern weapons techniques, car stunts...


Circus Titans stunt performers work under the name of TEAM TITAN

Team Titan are since 2013 the chief instructors for and the head of MMi Sweden

Movie Mercenaries International, or MMi, was started by stunt fighting legend Seoras Wallace, the stunt coordinator of Braveheart, 300, Saving Private Ryan and Highlander, just to name a few.

Team Titan, with the stunt fighters Jakkin Wiss, Anton Franzon and Jimmy Hellgren, went to Scotland to form a partnership with Seoras Wallace. Read More about their story, and more about Team Titan, at www.teamtitan.org

If you would like to read more about our exploits, below is a link to our blog. Unfortunately, it is in swedish. So, either learn swedish (who knows, it might come in handy), or use any online translation service (which is sure to give you a laugh)


Jakkin Wiss, Olofstorp Ljungslätt 1, Herrljunga. Tel: 0768834314. E-Mail: info@pestochkolera.se

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