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Carmelo's musical mission is to spread joy and positivity throughout the world and stir self reflection. Combining personal life experience and smooth vocal tones, he has discovered a voice and style, which are at once soft and hard like water. It's called Reggae & Blues.

Through this style, Carmelo explores the subjects of the mind, body and soul, which can be lost in translation from thought to feeling and feeling to words. Some of his best work has been through uncovering his own conflicts between happiness and pain and how to stay positive throughout.


Carmelo has performed songs from his upcoming album at the famous Rex Jazz and Blues Bar in Toronto and at the Event Planners Association of Ontario's taste makers event. However, the Courtice Ontario resident is looking to bring his personal brand of music across Ontario and Canada.


In his first foray into music years ago as half of the Reggae Dancehall duo Route 76, Carmelo was covered several times and many of his releases reviewed by The Daily Observer, The Jamaica Gleaner, The Star. He has also been featured in many blogs including: RudeGal.com, DancehallReggae.com, www.dancehallareaz.com


A few years ago reggae/dancehall music was undergoing a revolution through fusion and Carmelo Miller was at the vanguard of this movement with his duo Route 76, which had hits produced by Sly and Robbie, Serani and the then up and coming DASECA. He has now launched his solo career with a brand new sound known as Reggae & Blues.

New Album - 7

New Singles from the album 7


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Email: carmelomillermusic@gmail.com

Phone: (647) 200 7692

Website: www.carmelomiller.com


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