Shakespeare By: ALyssa luna

Thesis: Shakespeare is the worlds greatest writer, actor, and poet that ever lived.


Quote #1: "His father, John Shakespeare, was successful in the leather business during Shakespeare's early childhood but later met with financial difficulties. During his prosperous years his father was also involved in municipal affairs, holding the offices of alderman and bailiff during the 1560s. While little is known of Shakespeare's boyhood, he probably attended the grammar school in Stratford, where he would have been educated in the classics, particularly Latin grammar and literature. Whatever the veracity of Ben Jonson's famous comment that Shakespeare had "small Latine, and :less Greeke," much of his work clearly depends on a knowledge of Roman comedy, ancient history, and classical mythology" ("William" 4).

Commentary: Shakespeare had a wonderful childhood and was getting a phenomenal education. Much of his work reflected on Roman,ancient history, and classical mythology. His dad was also involved with the community.

Quote #2: "What we know about William Shakespeare's personal life comes mostly from church and legal documents---- a baptismal registration, a marriage license, and records of real estate transactions. We also have a few remarks that others wrote about him during his lifetime" ("William").

Commentary: We have collected the past from his time , but even though we don't have much to reply on he is still well known and looked up to for his work. For the time being we put together the pieces filling the gaps.

Quote #3: "William attended grammar school, where he studied Latin grammar, Latin literature, and rhetoric (the uses of language). As far as we know, he had no further formal education" ("William").

Commentary: As we all know Shakespeare was getting a high education and study much of Latin topics. He as a whole was amazing and took time into his work and loved learning.


Quote #1: "Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems, a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems" (Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare was an amazing writer and now he all of his plays,poems, and books are well known. Thanks to Shakespeare we see the world in different way, he has showed us the good and the bad in things.

Quote #2: “After these early plays, and before his great tragedies, Shakespeare wrote Richard II, A Midsummer Night's Dream, King John, The Merchant of Venice, Parts I and II of Henry IV, Much Ado about Nothing, Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, and Twelfth Night. The comedies of this period partake less of farce and more of idyllic romance, while the history plays successfully integrate political elements with individual characterization. Taken together, Richard II, each part of Henry IV,and Henry V form a second tetralogy of historical plays, although each can stand alone, and they are usually performed separately. The two parts of Henry “IVfeature Falstaff, a vividly depicted character who from the beginning has enjoyed immense popularity."( "William")

Commentary: As Shakespeare was writing more the plays just kept getting better as the time being. With all the plays he wrote the most popular was Romeo and Juliet. Many of his plays were historian, but that didn't keep anyone from enjoying them.

Quote #3: " In 1599, Burbage's theater was torn down and its timbers were used by Shakespeare and his company to build the Globe Theatre. This was the theater for which Shakespeare wrote most of his plays" (Anderson)".

Commentary: Just this one quote shows how amazing and brilliant Shakespeare was. They had torn down a Globe Theatre, and made it his own "personal" theater.

Quote #4 :"Like Shakespeare's stage, this kind of thrust stage, with its minimal scenery, allows playwrights (if they want) to move their stories rapidly from place to place. They can establish each new scene with a line like "Well. this is the Forest of Arden." As a result, playwrights have been tempted to write plays that imitate the style of movies" (Anderson).

Commentary: Shakespeare was growing very popular after he had pasted and movies were starting to grow in the shadow of him. As the world began to grew it didn't take long for movies to be made with his plays.

Quote #5: "This difference between the appeal of a movie and the appeal of a play may account for the failure of some successful plays when they are translated to the screen. The movie producer will say, "Open up the story." In the "opening of the story", the producer sometimes loses the concentration, the intensity, that was the prime virtue of the play" (Anderson).

Commentary: The intensity of the play would only be brought down if it didn't start right away, but now when people go out the suspension is only built more with the quietness. The success of plays were long during his time.

Shakespeare now

Quote #1: "During most of Shakespeare’s lifetime, England was ruled by Queen Elizabeth I. Her reign is often called the Elizabethan Age. Shakespeare’s works reflect the cultural, social, and political conditions of the Elizabethan Age. Knowledge of these conditions can provide greater understanding of Shakespeare’s plays and poems"(Lander).

Commentary: During Shakespeare's life warp Queen Elizabeth was England's leader. As now there's is more of a modern lifestyle, yet the past of William still lives with in the country.

Quote #2: "The queen and her court lived there for much of each year, adding to the color and excitement. The city’s importance attracted people from throughout England and from other countries. Artists, teachers, musicians, students, and writers all flocked to London to seek advancement" (Lander).

Commentary: All the writers that had lived in London gave a bright and exciting way of looking at life. The teacher's, artist, musicians, student, and writers were all looking to get notice but Shakespeare was one of them who was known fast.

Quote #3: "The stage of a public theater was a large platform that projected into the pit. This arrangement allowed the audience to watch from the front and sides. The performers, nearly surrounded by spectators, thus had close contact with most of their audience" (Lander).

Commentary: As the people had built a theater for Shakespeare is amazing. As the crowd was involved with the plays now today in the modern times there isn't much now that involve the audience.

Quote #4: " In one interesting aspect the theater in Shakespeare's day was very different from the theater we know today. Plays were originally performed by the all-male medieval trade guilds, so all women's parts were played by boys. It would be many years before women appeared onstage in the professional English theater. In Shakespeare's day, Juliet would have been played by a trained boy actor" (Anderson).

Commentary: Now today women can play as many roles as they please. The way we grew as a society is amazing, but today we can have both sexs in a play together. Two heads is greater than one is the way I think of it.

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