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My name is Angela and I'm 20 this year. I'm currently pursuing my degree in Mass Communication, majoring in PR and Event Management. This would be my second semester.

When I'm not swamped with work from university, I enjoy going out to new places, meeting new people and trying new things. I also have lazy days where I binge watch my favourite online series or YouTube videos.

As for my passion, I really love makeup and I do hope to pursue it as a career someday. I hope that I can gain more skills and knowledge about using Adobe programs as I really enjoy filming videos while I'm travelling. The knowledge would be of great use when I have to edit my videos. Other than that, I hope to be able to express my creativity in this module.

I'm working towards my dreams of becoming an event manager and a makeup artist in the future.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio



Pizza Party - a game where you create your own pizza and watch it come to life.

Exercise 2: Viral Content


This isn’t a cliche story about how girl beats addiction, nor is it a story about how addiction isn’t something to be feared. This is a story about how one girl nearly loses control over her life to drugs.

The story was inspired by true events. Although there are many users who are still defending other cannabis users as they say it is a harmless drug, but what they do not understand is that a drug is still a drug and it is illegal for various reasons. There are many people who are oblivious to the harmful effects of cannabis and they become victims to it without even realizing so. It might not bring death, but effects that it will have on your physicality and mentality is negatively drastic. Drugs change you and it makes you become the person you promised your past self you will never become. You will never know when taking drugs start becoming a serious addiction problem.

You might do it once and say, "it's a one time thing" or "it's only for fun" but little do you know, you're one step closer to ruining your life.

Don't ruin your life for a "one time thing" or "for fun".

Exercise 3: Infographics

This is an anti-drug abuse infographic that aims to educate the public the truth about drugs. It includes statistics of how many people have illegally used drugs and died from it, the short and long term effects of what certain drugs can bring and also the benefits you get if you avoid drugs.



Exercise 4: Mobile App

Angela Loh Zi Qi (0326892)

Ivy Yap Kah Kei (0329301)


A mobile app that allows you to handcraft playlists. By including tags, users will be able to create playlists fitted for every moment in life. Our mission is to create an app that will connect more people through music. We believe that music can make the world a better place. Other than that, there are also additional features such as Updati.fy and Harmoni.fy.

First page of the app after you've opened it.
Log In page.
Sign Up page.
Homepage: After logging in, the app will bring you to this page.
About Us: a brief description about the creators of the app and also their vision and mission.
FAQ: Page 1 of our FAQ.
FAQ: Page 2 of our FAQs.
Profile: You will be able to view the playlists you've created, liked, brief description about yourself, followers and following in your profile page.
Explore: This page is different for every user as the "You Might Like..." bar shows playlists that you might enjoy based on what you've been listening to recently. Other than that, it also shows playlists from users you've been following. Plus, featured and popular playlists of the week.
Search: Upon searching, our app will suggest you with tags that are highly searched in the app. You may click on one or more to find playlists.
This is how the search results page will look, it will show playlists that are most relevant to your tags.
When you click into a playlist, this is how the page looks like. You can view comments of other people and comment on it yourself. Other than that, you are able to view similar playlists and more from the user you are viewing from as it'll appear in a drop down menu.
Create Your Own: you can handcraft your own playlist based on how you would like it. Here, we have an example of a playlist that is catered to the movie and book "The Fault in our Stars". By adding tags that are related to it, users can search for this playlist and listen to it while they are reading "The Fault in our Stars" to enhance their experience.
Updati.fy: a function of this feature is that it allows you to view artist's profile. It gives you a brief biodata about them and their popular hits. Other than that, it also provides you links to latest news about them. In addition, links to purchase their albums, concert tickets and merchandise are also provided.
Updati.fy & Harmoni.fy: another function of Updati.fy is that it'll tell you the meaning behind certain songs and its lyrics. It'll also tell you the artist's creative thought process while producing the song. When turned on, Harmoni.fy allows you access to PDF versions of music sheets to be downloaded, printed and viewed for musicians who wish to play the songs on the piano, guitar, violin etc.
Settings: users can optimize our app with the settings page by choosing what features would they like to have inside.
Contact Us: a page where users can message us regarding improvements, bugs and so on.

Assignment 2: Short Video

The topic we've chosen is 'Travel'.

Our social media page goes by the name "What's In My Bag".

Our page aims to inform people who are planning to travel on what to include in their bags when they pack for their trip.

This page is geared towards people who aren't sure of what to expect of the place they're travelling to but would still like to be prepared. To promote our page, we've decided to show a few essentials you should include in your bag when travelling to certain places.

Mindmap & Moodboard




Assignment 2: Animated Chat Stickers

THEME: Fat unicorn

Created By
Angela Loh


Created with images by WerbeFabrik - "pizza eat food pizza topping delicious cheese" • stevepb - "headache pain pills medication tablets drugs drugstore" • frolicsomepl - "cure drug cold dose the disease pharmacy" • Pexels - "animal cute ocean"

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