Social Class Structure/Job Specilization By: Ally Booker, Bethany Mcderott, Sedastian Tenny, Brian G

Why is social class Important? Why are jobs important?

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Why is the social class nessacery? Why are jobs nessacery?

Social class is nessecary is because

What life be without social class? what would life be without jobs

People wouldn't know what to think because the people that didn't have so much money would be mixed with that had money and had a lot of money. It would be a good thing and a bad thing because people wouldn't treat the lower class people like they are animals or they don't mean anything. More people would get along and not act like certain people are ruling certain things.

Does Social class harm the society?

Is social class good or bad for a person, why?

Social class is

why do people really need society? Why do people need jobs?

People need society because they wouldn't know what to do without it

different types of social class




Different types of jobs (examples)

What people act like in each class?

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