Cause and Effect Media Project By: Sharon Zheng

Class: ELA 5

Teacher: Mrs.Berry

Cause/Effect 1

Indians were forced out of their homes.

One cause is the government made the Indians leave their homes. Then they made the land very cheap or free. It said in the story, “To lure settlers to the Southern plains, the government offered them land that was either free or very cheap". The effect is thousands of settlers moved in and started to rip up the grass to make room for their crops. It said in the story, "The new settlers arrived by the thousands...........But before they could plant crops, settlers had to get rid of the prairie grass."

Cause/Effect 2

Kids had to wear homemade masks when outside.

Another cause that led to the dust storms is the new settlers using different sharp tools to pull the prairie grass out of the ground. It states in the story, "Using plows with sharp blades, axes, and their bare hands, farmers ripped that grass from the earth". This action upset nature's balance. The effect is making the soil loose and easily being drifted away by the wind. Many were rushed to hospitals with an illness called, “dust pneumonia" caused by the loose dust they were breathing in. It said in the story, "Farmers staggered blindly through their fields. Cars crashed. It is unknown if any people died because of the storm. But hundreds were rushed to hospitals with a condition called “dust pneumonia,” caused by dust they had breathed in.”

Cause/Effect 3

The third cause is throughout spring and summer, the sky always stayed blue. It was scorching hot all through summer. Most of the crops died and the bare ground dried up. The loose soil was carried away by the wind. It said in the story, "All through that spring, the sky stayed blue. That summer bought blistering heat. Crops withered. Without the protective layer of prairie grass, soil dried up and was carried away by the wind." The effect is the people living on that land finally noticed that pulling up all that prairie grass caused the soil to be blown away by the wind and turn into dust storms It was a big mistake. They started to plant trees and prairie grasses. Farmers learned a new way to farm that didn't destroy the earth. It stated in the story, "In the coming years, millions of trees and prairie grasses were planted across the plains. Farmers learned how to farm in a way that was kinder to the earth.”

The scorching hot sun created a severe drought.


Dust Bowl Pic

Indians Pic

Drought Pic

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