Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Daria Bulatnikova IUF Sec. 083H

During my visit to the museum of Natural History, I really liked the exhibit about the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes. The exhibit interested me because it was something very unique to Florida area and I was never introduced to it before. The design of the exhibit was very appealing because it included different medium of engagement: information boards, clothing samples and an imitation hut with real-sized figures. It kept me interested because I was looking at different mediums of not only different colors, but different themes (clothing, history) and environments. My favourite part of that particular exhibit was about traditional clothing. I observed that it is very different from the Russian traditional clothing: the colors are brighter and the fabric is heavier. Without seeing the actual clothing, it would be hard to imagine the amount of work women had put in making these costumes. In general, I enjoyed learning something new about the history of the place where I go to college.

Florida tribes section, traditional clothing. Picture taken by me.

Again, as a person who originally comes from a completely different part of the world with a very different climate and traditional habits, the museum was an extremely interesting way to introduce myself to Florida and 'sub-tropical' climatic zones. The museum has definitely provided the opportunity to experience the fragility of the nature and our, human, dependence on it as well as demonstrated the importance of preserving the marine and inland eco zones. While walking in the mangrove section, I felt as a part of something bigger than just my surroundings: I felt responsible for my actions to protect the environment and also realized how the nature is important to me. People around reacted very differently: little children were very excited and curious while adults walked slowly in silence. In general, the museum does a very good job with providing the best experiences to its visitors: sounds, images, big installations - all of it helps to respect the nature and its creations more.

Mangrove section. Picture taken by me

One of the best way to experience the majesty of the world is too see a unique diversity of butterflies. They are very gorgeous creatures of various sizes and colors and will definitely spark everyone's imagination. Looking at butterflies helps me to analyze my current life from an non-ordinary perspective: I see energetic butterflies of different colours and think of how unique every human is and that I should not be afraid of looking different or doing something that others don't. Moreover, the butterfly garden makes feel at peace with my inner self. Frankly, it is a place where I can have my momentum of 'here and now' and remind myself about so many blessings I have in my life. Nature is a very powerful and important part of our lives and I'm glads the the Museum of Natural History helps to restore this connection that is often lost nowadays.

Butterfly section. 1) Picture of myself in the garden 2)Framed butterflies in the hall. Picture taken by me 3) A butterfly in the garden. Picture taken by me

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