Looking for job Maja Mikosz kl. I A

She's name is Sue. She is in her early forties and looking for new job opportunities.

APPEARANCE: Sue is tall and slim. She's got dark and wavy hair and has dark complexion. Her eyes are dark and big. She has got black eyebrows and eyelashes and narrow nose. She likes to use rose lipstick. She wears black skirt, white blouse with long sleeves and black jacket on it. She is very elegant woman.

HOBBY: She enjoys many sports like jogging, swimming and tennis. She loves to learn languages and wrote few books in French and Spanish. Sue loves jazz music.

SPECIAL FEATURES: She is very responsible and her friends say that she never lets them down. She is creative, always has got many ideas for stories when she writes new books. People who know her say that she is very helpful and never refuses when she is needed. Her sense of humor is amazing and people love it.

LOOKING FOR JOB: She specializes in Spanish and French translations and would like to start new job as simultaneous translator in European Commission office in Brussels.

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