The Tangerine Trial By: Bella Altadonna

Opening Statment

In my opinion I think that Erik and Arthur are responsible for the death of Luis Cruz. Arthur hit Luis in the head with a blackjack that he was not soposed to have. It was believed that Luis Cruz died because of an aneurysm, the black jack caused the aneursym. Erik told Arthur that there was a problem indicating that he needed the blackjack. Since Erik Fisher gave the orders to Arthur Bauer to hit Luis Cruz on the head, that hit killed him. Arther and Erik will both be charged.

Wait What??

Luis Cruz was at Lake Windsor High School because, Tino and Theresa, Luis's brother and sister were at Paul Fisher's house and Paul's bother Erik slapped Tino across the face so Luis went to find Erik and yell at him for hitting a minor.

Fact Check

What is an aneurysm?- An aneurysm is a blood clot that weakens the walls of your blood vessels and pops!

What is a blackjack?- A black jack is a weapon that can seriously hurt someone, or even kill them!


Arthur Bauer is being charged with manslughter, 15 year in penitentiary or a $10,000 fine.

Erik Fisher will be charged with a fine of $5,000 for poession of an illegal weapon

Closing Statement

Erik and Arthur will both be charged. Arthur Bauer hit Luis Cruz on the head with a black jack that hit on the head gave him an aneurysm and it killed him. Erik Fisher had a blackjack, which is an illegal weapon so he is being charged for that. Arthur will get 15 years in jail with a bail of $10,000. Erik has to pay a fine of $5,000 for having a blackjack.

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