Should George Washington be considered a hero or a villain? By: Dejah hall

George should be considered a hero!

Here are three reasons why.....

Number 1


During the war George always made sure his men were taken care of. Even if it meant asking Congress for more money or supplies. When his men got sick, he was the one trying to find a cure instead of just letting them die and replacing them. I think deep down Washington created a strong bond with his army.

Number 2


During the Revolution there were many times when the troops got doubtful and weary. George made it his mission to push them to do the impossible, even when they were unsure. He made them believe in themselves by believing in them.

Number 3


Even with the number of battles George won, he didn't get a big head about it. By being such a strong leader and staying humble George won the hearts of colonists everywhere. George got the job done and kept it pushing to try and solve the next issue. In my opinion George didn't let the power go to his head. Instead he used his power for the greater good.

So again I'll say, I think George Washington should be considered a hero!
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Dejah Hall


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