Kubla Khan

Kubla Khan, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge perfectly embodies the writing style of the Romantic Era. In the poem, the speaker describes Kubla Khan's palace in Xanadu and all of the natural features around it, such as rivers, gardens, and forests. This poem embodies the Romantic Era, because Romantic authors wrote dramatic works about man's status among nature and how powerful nature is. For example, in line 4 Coleridge states, "Through caverns measureless to man." This quote portrays the poem's theme of comparing man to nature, because it speaks about how this cavern is mysterious to man. These poems were also very descriptive of sounds and music. For example, in line 33 Coleridge states, "was heard the mingled measure." This quote describes the the sounds of the river as musical, because the measure is the rhythm of a music piece.

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