4A7 Vinnie Burchett my trip to america

April 3, 1970

My name is Anthony Smiley. I came from Rome, Italy. I was 12 years old when I entered the ship to Ellis Island. I became really good friends with Jeff BobBob, Martin Berchten, Henry Redding, Bob Stone, and Billy Brown. On the ship I was 1st class. I became best friends with Jeff BobBob. When I first entered the ship we got our room. I live with my family and some other random people. One of the family's names are the Reddings. They live on the second floor of the room. The other family name is the BobBobs. They live on the same floor as us. On the second day of the ride my mother got strep throat. My brother and I took care of her while my sister got us some food. The next day my moms strep throat got worse. So I snuck into some place and got some medicine. I got caught by someone. He started chasing me so I ran as fast as I could. I made it to the room in time. I gave the medicine to my mom. My mom took the medicine. The guy was banging on our door but we didn't answer. Then Mrs. Redding made us dinner. All the family's came into the kitchen and we had a tasty supper. The next day my mom took the medicine again. I prayed that my mom would be cured before the ship arrives at Ellis Island. We are now entering Ellis Island. The statue of Liberty was beautiful. My mom was cured. My cousin met me at Ellis Island. Jeff and I left her and went to Alabama to live with some other friends. Jeff and I are best friends now. We decided to move to California. My cousin Barbra helped us find a house. We found a house by the ocean. It is a mansion. We had an indoor pool, and a basketball court. I am now an actor. I have starred in many movies. I also have a part time job at a bar called The Smiley House. My sister and my brother own the bar.

My home country is Rome, Italy.
It honors the USA. It has seven rays on her crown that stands for the 7 continents. It's torch stands for the liberty of freedom. It has a tablet that says July 4, 1776 that's the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.


Ellis Island Interactive Tour, Brain Pop Jr Statue of Liberty, Google Images

My favorite part of the web quest was the Ellis Island, BrainPop video, and Adobe spark.


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