Tenorio family in peru How they live and differences in low, middle and high class family's.

This is a picture of the Tenorio family. They live in Peru and make a total of $102 a month.
The poorest family's in Peru can not afford expensive manufactured toys. A lot of poor family's make their own toys or find them. Family's with more money help the little kids by giving them toys, wood animals, stuffed animals and others. They so called rich family's play with electronic devices.
Poorest family's usually in rural areas have big pits or holes in the ground. Family's with higher income usually live in the city so they have access to safe clean sanitary bathrooms to were they will not have to worry about touching faeces. The richest family's in Peru use toilets with some sort of flush system or septic tank. As you can see their bathroom does not have a door of some sort so you have no privacy so if your mom where to walk by you know your gonna be embarrassed. All around compared to us devolved North American country's we have sheds that look nicer than these bathrooms so we should really appreciate what we have.
Light sources! Yay everyone loves light especially at night time so when you walk you can see that's important right? Ever notice how much us North Americans stress about lighting well get this. The poor family's in Peru get no light sources at all. They don't even have anything they can rely on for light. Little over poor low middle class use very bare light bulbs to light up their rooms. Of course the rich and the fantasy they have great light bulbs to light up every room in the house whenever you want I bet you where expecting that.
Yep that's their front door and lock. There lock is your crappy lock on your shed outside to where your dad complains we need to repair it but never gets around to doing it. Well poor family's have to make there own looks and tie there doors shut. Middle class people can buy cheap padlocks to keep their doors shut and rich family's can afford expensive fancy hi grade locks to keep their doors shut.
The poor family's have to make their food with charcoal or animal dung fires. The middle class family's have burning fuels like gas or electricity. Yes the rich family's have nice stoves powered by gas and electricity and have fans and are extremely safe compared to the other family's lower class than them.
For the poorest family's meat is a very rare luxury item they might have meat once or twice every three months if lucky. Middle class family's have meat more regularly and can ease buy meat from markets. Same goes with rich family's but buy their meat nicely packaged and processed my food manufacturers.
The roofs are really on where you live and can scavenge and afford. Many poor family's have flimsy metal roofs that struggle in bad weather but can be repaired easily. Rich or middle class family's can afford good roofs put in by engineers.
As you can expect from what I have showed you there house does not look the greatest it looks very un safe to live there.
Hand washing is very important for every family especially for your health. After using the tolite many poor family's struggle with cleaning water because they have to go get water from a well or communal taps with plastic just and etc. Higher income family's can install and outside tap for their water and rich family's have bathrooms with nice hot and cold water taps inside.
Many poor family's have a single bar of soap for hand washing. Many middle class family's have branded soap bottles and etc. Rich family's have soap dispensers and can choice between colour and fragrances.
I bet you didn't see this one coming! The poorest family's do not have tooth brushes get that. They use twigs and sand to clean their teeth. Family's that make a bit more can afford one plastic tooth brush but share it with there whole family. People I know freak out about sharing with one person in their family imagine everyone yuck. The rich family's buy expensive electric tooth brushes and and flavoured tooth paste and mouth wash.
The type of medication and amount is depended on there money balances and there local health support. Poorest family's have little to pass around there house hold. Family's with higher income have more variety and income and the richest have tons of painkillers and etc just on their shelves and droors.
This is a poor family's drinking water as a said previously they have to walk to wells and taps to get their water. Urban: 91.4% of population rural: 69.2% of population total: 86.7% of population. With 30 million people in Peru 4 million people lack access to safe water and 7.5 million people lack access to improved sanitation.
Poorest family's make do with unclean surfaces and fibres. Homes with more money sleep on a little bit of s rise with matresses and rich family's do the same but with comfortable pillows and blankets. The beds are really based off income.
This is where the Tenorio family sits and relaxes. As you can see they sit on the ground in an dirty environment and my mom complains and says our house is dirty.
The poorest family's can't afford books so they have a very low literacy,middle class family's have a wide selection of children's picture books and novels wich boost literacy rates. Rich family's have lots of picture books and purchase novels they also borrow books from library's. 95% of people over 15 can read and write.
Poor family's wash their cloths in pals or buckets of water. Middle class family's have running taps and some cleaning liquids. Rich family's have washers and dryers and have expensive cleaning materials.
Poorest family's have mobile phones for sending SMS messages. Lots of middle class family's have smart touch screen phones for sending images, videos and SMS, they can also go online for banking. The richest family's Have cell phones for everyone and use landlines.
In Peru there is a 6mile long wall wich separates they extremely rich and extremely poor family's. http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Perus-Wall-of-Shame-Divides-the-Ultra-Rich-and-Extreme-Poor-20160803-0028.html This link has a video of the wall.
More than 50% of Peru population is poor. 20% of that is extremely poor. Many of this people are low to human essental rights and lack in education and electrical power. In Peru there are more than 8 million poor people. Woman I'm Peru are the most affected by everything. Woman work in livestock, agriculture and engage in income-generating activities. Woman also make up about 80% of a family's work labour, this lets men to migrate to knee places to find new work food and etc. The very very poor people in Peru live up on Andean highlands. This is where all of the really poor family's live and struggle to survive.
The highest crime rate in Peru is corruption and bribery at a very high of 82.39. There are 8 crimes that are at a high risk such as violent crimes as assault, vandalism and theft, using or dealing drugs, getting mugged or robbed and a lot of things from cars stolen or cars broken. A modern crimes that people to go through are worries of being assaulted, worries of being insulted and people's homes being broken into. They average crime rate in Peru is 64.5.
Lima, wich is Peru's capital city has the worst air pollution of all Latin American city's according the The World Health Orginaztion. they have also added that only 12% of people breathe in clean air in urban country's.
soil erosion is a huge impact in Peru. Having there soil makes use for mulching soil and cover crops. The soil loss is bad because Peru has no chance at competing with other country's with selling crops.

The items this family has are enough for them to live a decent life. Is it enough to live a happy worry free life no it is not.

A lot of poor family's do not have money to spend on but instead of material I think they would try to purchase meat because to them that is a luxuary item. For middle and rich class I they buy electronic and toys for them and whatever they're interested in really.

A lower income heavily effects your goals you are able to achieve. I say this because there is a massive wall separating the rich and the poor and thats pretty self explainitory.

I would say no there is not the same amount of equality through out the country it is very different based on your income.

The End

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