married to a musician Kat's view


A man who loves music. A man who loves art. Respects the spirit world and thinks with his heart.

First off - Hi, I'm Kat.

Me! Photo Credit: @akcespedesphoto

My husband is a producer, mixing and recording engineer, former DJ, studio owner, composer, drummer & multi- instrumentalist. A native of Mayag├╝ez Puerto Rico, his multi-faceted career brought him to Miami, hence how we met. To say he is passionate about music, well... that would be an understatement.

Us at home in the studio..

He thinks, dreams, eats, works, and plain old vibrates M U S I C.

Always in the studio.

For your listening pleasure

Here I will share some of his music.

I am sure many can relate with me when I say I know all the lyrics, to each song, he has ever worked on. It happens by default. Maybe my destiny is to be a back up singer.. ..hmm.. maybe that palm reader in Nashville was right?! ha!

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