Sit-ins by nick facundo

Four african american college students walked in and sat at a white only counter and asked to be served, when denied they would sit patiently and waited until they were served. After they were arrested another group came in and replaced them and this is how sit-ins came to be.

This event began in a woolworth’s store in Greensboro, North Carolina on February 1, 1960

The goal of the movement was to obtain equality in local stores and restaurants, getting equal service despite color or their skin. the sit-ins needed to create a distinct impression of moral superiority, One of the best ways to do this was to meet the harsh violence of the white man with pacifism.

The majority of people that participated in sit-ins were young african american collage students and even Martin Luther King Jr involved himself. MLK held a conference to help further their efforts, they created the SNCC to create more ways to protest for their rights.

the SNCC faced dangerous obstacles like angry white southerners who sent death threats, torched their buildings, and even shot at the workers. many of them were thrown in jail after the end of a sit-in.

The harmful acts towards the groups didn't even hinder them, they knew the more abuse and harm they took, the more people that would back their cause and make it stronger.

This event helped push for the equal rights african americans needed and deserved.

Before christmas day in 2015, the protest group Black Lives Matter occupied the Mall of america to protest civil rights and the death of Jamar Clark who was shot in Minnesota. They occupied the area and laid on the ground almost as a different way perform a sit-in.
Created By
Nicholas Facundo


Created with images by Ron Cogswell - ""Woolworth's Sit-In" No.1 -- A Plaque in Downtown Jackson (MS) May 2013" • AFGE - "ICRCM Awards Gala and Program Honoring Augusta Y. Thomas" • dbking - "_MG_0010" • dbking - "_MG_0005" • dbking - "Greensboro, NC "Sit In" 1960" • gunthersimmermacher - "martin luther king washington monument"

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