Anchor Activity The Octopus

Anchor or Main Activity: "The Octopus"

Ideal Age Range: 5-8 Year Olds

Setup: Half of a 30x20 field. Each player has a ball. Two coaches. Pool Noodles or bibs tied together. Cones (6-8) First line of cones approximately 10 yards from start point. Second line approximately 15 yards from start point.

Instructions: Each player tries to dribble past "The Octopus" to a designated line with out their ball getting touched by "The Octopus". If ball is touched then 3 touch ups/toe taps from spot. Players stop on designated line. Walk back to start again.

Technical: Dribbling to run with the ball. Dribbling to go around an opponent.

Tactical: When to go around the opponent. When to go fast vs when to slow down.

Physical: Speed, running, changing direction, balance, coordination

Mental: Be Brave!

Coaching Questions: 1) When you are getting closer to "The Octopus" do you go fast or slow down? (slow down to keep control) 2) When you get past "The Octopus" do you go fast or slow down? (Go fast) 3) Should the ball be closer or farther away when you dribble past "The Octopus"? (farther away)

Easy Level: Only one coach acts as "The Octopus". Stop at the first line of cones.

Challenge Level: Two coaches act as "The Octopus". Players get a point for getting past each "Octopus". Stop at the second line of cones.

Advanced Level: Two coaches plus approved adult(s) act as "The Octopus". Note: Need more pool noodles or tied bibs/vests

Thank You!


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