Tattoos on the Heart by Fr. Greg Boyle Project by: Kathryn fenner

Chapter 2: This chapter is called "Dis-Grace" because Carme is talking to Fr. Greg because she thinks she's a disgrace because she can't stop using heroine. Fr. Greg tries to tell her that she's actually not a disgrace at all. My favorite story in this chapter is about a kid named Lula. He is so excited to show Fr. Greg his report card although he had all F's, Lulla had a perfect attendance. This chapter shows us that we don't have to always have perfect grades, or never make the wrong decisions to be perfect in God's eyes.
Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: This chapter helps show us the meaning of baptism and how it will help us. I thought it was funny when Jose said he "wants to be a baptist", but he really meant he wanted to be baptized. I thought the story about Terry, the 16 year old young girl who said she wanted to be buried in the dress she was wearing, was a sad story. I think that story is sad because she thinks she won't make it a couple more years because of the gangs. No one should be fearing for their life, especially at such a young age. But Jesus reminds us every day that he's going to help us through tough times, even if it takes a bit of time so we always have somebody there for us.
Chapter 9 Kinship: Fr. Greg says kinship isn't serving the other, it's being one with the other. He says when he was diagnosed with cancer, he experienced kinship the most in his life because others were helping him out a lot and they said it's their time to take care of him. If we would practice kinship more often, we could be more compassionate and more of a follower of Jesus. In this chapter I like the story about Bandit and his daughter Carolina. She's going to go to college to study the criminal minds, and Bandit asks for Fr. Greg to bless her before she leaves. I like this story because Bandit says everyone used to tell him he was a lowlife good for nothing, but he changed his life around and raised an amazing young girl.

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