Speak Laurie Halse ANDERSON

"There's is no point in looking for my ex friends... Nicole lounges with jocks... Ivy falls between the suffering artists on one side of the isle and the thespians on the other... Jessica moved to Nevada"(Anderson 4).

In this book Melinda , the main character in the story, has no friends at the beginning of high school. All highschoolers all go through this at one point in their school year as a freshman or even if they change schools and don't know anyone at the new school.

"h waves to a sophomore she knows across the gym. The girl pokes me harder. "aren't you the one who called the cops at Kyle Rodgers's party at the end of the summer?"(Anderson 27).

Melinda has a reputation. She is known as the girl that called the police and busted a party. When going into high school students usually have a bad rep because upperclassmen think the freshmen are annoying and they see them as babies.

"my room belongs to an alien"(Anderson 15).

Throughout high school you learn who you truly are. In the beginning of her freshmen year she didn't know who she was on the inside.


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