Best Of What Canada Has To Offer Tourist attractions, Landscapes, and Diversity

The CN Tower is Canada's most significant and most admired free standing structure, and holds great history . It is also known as, the Canadian National Tower. It has marvelous breathtaking views, great activities for everyone to enjoy like the edge walk and many more. It took 40 months of construction for the tower to be able to open to public which was on June 26th, 1967. The CN Tower has much to offer like jobs to over 500 people every year, along with serving 16 Canadian television and FM radio stations since it is in the center of telecommunications for Toronto. The tower was built by nationals who had the purpose of demonstrating the strength of Canadian industry by building a tower taller than any other country. A few Awards received by the CN Tower are world's tallest free standing structure(1975) worlds tallest tower (2007-2010) highest external walk on building (2011). (

The reason why this tower should be celebrated in Canada's 150th birthday is because of all the things it has given to to the city. For example the clearest reception in north America. Also the the gift of employment to over 400 people. The most important one is, it has given the city recognition throughout the whole world and is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. This tower puts Toronto on the map and gives Canadians something to be proud of. Personally the CN Tower is significant to me because of all the joyful times I'v spent their with my family.

CN Tower

Northern lights or aurora borealis are luminous displays of various forms and colors viewed in the night sky. The northern lights display both in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. Each are known to be spotted when the area is centered around the geomagnetic pole of it's own hemisphere. The northern lights is said to take place with greatest of frequency along a line extending through Norway, across central Hudson Bay and Alaska. We are lucky enough because it is often visible in Canada too like in Yellowknife. Aurora borealis appears in all sorts of colors like red, yellow, green, blue, violet and are usually brightest in their northern latitude. The northern lights can be seen in many ways. For example, patches of light, banks, and arcs. The cause of aurora borealis is high speed electrons and protons from the sun which are trapped in the Van Allen radiation belt high above earth and then channeled toward the polar regions. (Aurora borealis. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, Q2 2016).

The reason why The Northern lights should be included in Canad's 150th celebration is because we are privileged to spot them from our country. The Northern lights are unique feature which don't get to enjoyed in each part of the world. The reason why I love this future so much is, they intrigue such an interest in me that I had to research. When I did I saw pictures of them and they are beautiful. I hope one day I could head over to Yellowknife to experience the northern lights for myself.

Northern Lights

Diversity has played an important role in Canada's history. Today Canada has the highest percentage of foreign born citizens than any other country. Canada welcomed a record number of immigrants for its seventh consecutive year. This results into a society of mixed languages, cultures, and religions. Canada was originally inhabited by aboriginal people. Immigration started with the french and British in the 17 century. This trend continued through the 18th and 19th centuries with Americans who fled America during the civil war. (Evans).

Diversity should be the first thing that should come to mind when it comes to celebrating Canada. Immigrants have given so much to country and are also the reason why Canada is the way that it is. Personally diversity matters to me because more diverse people we have in a society the more knowledge we have about other cultures which can benefit us in many ways. For instance, different ethnic foods, different languages and most importantly different perspectives of different people from all over the world .

Canada's diversity


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