Live 5 news promotion overview

On-air Promotions

Live 5 News ran 29 spots over 9 days. Total value of the spots = $4,585

News Mentions

  • Feb 19th - 1 time
  • Feb 21st - 1 time
  • Feb 28th - 3 times
  • March 1st - 16 times - In-Show, Live Shots & Package
  • March 2nd - 1 time
  • March 3rd - 46 times - In-Show, Live Shots & Package
  • March 4th - 12 times - In-Show, Live Shots & Package
  • March 5th - 8 times

Total of News Show Mentions: 70

Total of Onsite Promotion: 18

Total of Mentions: 88

Total of On-Air Value: $9,900

Digital Media

Live 5 News Website

Live 5 News' Website promoted the festival with Custom Branding Ads and an Experience Page starting February 1st. Total Value: $1,400

The Experience Page included links to Charleston Wine + Food's Social Media Accounts and Ticket Web Page.

Live 5 News Social Media

Live 5 News' Instagram did a '5 Day Countdown' for CHSWFF starting Feb 25 - March 1. Each post reached about 350+ people a day. Total Amount of Impressions: 1,800+

Photos of Live 5 News' CHSWFF Countdown

Prior to 5 Day Countdown, Live 5 News also posted social media posts that promoted CHSWFF that included Live 5 News Talent.

Social Media Contest

Live 5 News held a "Foodie Photo" Contest on social media. Another Experience Page was built to house all the contest photos. The contest started on Friday, February 24 - Sunday, February 26.

The contest was a success, a total of 75 entries

CHSWFF "Foodie Photo" Contest Photos
Photo of Live 5 News' "Foodie Photo" Contest

On-site Social Media

Live 5 News' Digital Marketing Manager attended the Partner Party (3/1) & Culinary Village (3/3) for real-time posting. Photos/Videos were posted on Live 5 News' Instagram and Live 5 Insider to document both events and push viewers to CHSWFF ticket page.

Live 5 News' Instagram & Snap Chat Stories had a combined total of 6,200+ Impressions

Total Live 5 News Posts - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: 15

Total Live 5 News Social Media Value: $750

Total of Live 5 Insider Posts - Facebook and Twitter: 18

Total Live 5 Insider Social Media Value: $180

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