Rudi's return to the forest By: Ashley Murray

Chapters 23, 24, 25 A Father's Promise

Chapter 23

Josef's Return

Sasha had grow to be almost as big as Ingrid. Ingrid and Sasha had a very tight bond.

One day Rudi was trying to teach sasha How to sit. But it was just not working. Rudi gave up then left ingrid and sasha tOgether. He looked back then saw ingrid was acually teachg Sasha to sit. Even though she could not talk she was potioning her legS in the correct place.

They saw a stranger coming towards them. Sasha started to bark at him. When he got closer Rudi reconi that it was Josef. He was being his rude little self. He was now comign Back from "working with the Germans". He came and ate dinner with Them. Sasha watched his every move. She ddint like him. At dinner he made a comment thAt set sahsA off. She lunged her body at Josef had he fell back and started to scream saying, "Get it off! Get it off!"

Chapter 24

A Hard Decision

Rudi had beeN thinking all day abOut this one thing. He finally got up and got AnNa up so they could take about it.

He fixed a pot of tea For Anna and him. Rudi told Anna that he was leaving and he was not going to take ingriD with hIm. Before he left he Had to have a alk with josef. So he did HE woke him up and to,d him that if he trys to harm Anna and or IngriD rudI would finD him and hurt him. I choked him and then josef said i will not try and harm them and they were good.

Chapter 25

The Passing of Night

RudI was leaving and saw a farmer running towards him. He was yelling something and rudi came towards him. He told RudI that the Russians had come and pushed the Germans out of Poland. They were now been pushed back to Germany and losing a lot of their land.

Rudi then saw Oscar and yelled his name. He had to Germans captive and two other soldiers helping him out. When Oscar turned around he pointed his gun towards him because Rudi had startled him. Rudi then said that it was him then Oscar lowered his gun. They talked for a while then Rudi told Oscar he was going into the woods. Oscar was on his way to Anna's to get some food. He tried to convince Rudi to come with him but he refused. So Oscar went on to Anna's and Rudi went farther into the woods. 

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