A Short Forever By Kelsey Eubanks

Until forever, he said

I'll love you for a million years.

I'll never leave you he said

I feel safe with him, I had no fear.

I never would've guessed,

That this is how it'd end.

To being so very blessed,

To only being friends.

I'll always love him,

We were like Noah and Allie.

I knew my chances were slim,

Is this even reality?

Forever falling for false facts.

Talking to the ticking time bomb.

I fell hard, by watching how he acts.

He left his very print in my head.

He made me feel like I'd never be forgotten.

This right here is why I can't go to bed.

He took my lost heart,

It was nothing but shreds.

It was so torn apart...

Until forever. He said.


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