Weekly Highlight 10/4 - 10/8 by: Grace Elder, Ayslin Bowman, Gretchen Turner and Ryder Harris

Throughout the week of Oct. 4 - Oct. 8, The Journal's Photos section captured some behind the scenes moments of The Journal staff. These pictures highlight what the end of the issue typically looks like due to it being the 100th year of The Journal.

Print managing editor, senior Eli Beck, goes through copy editing pictures during long production night. Photo by Grace Elder

Long production night

As each issue comes to an end The Journal stays after school until 7:30 p.m. to wrap up all their work and prepare it to be sent to the printer.

(top) Sport writer sophomore Josiah Veen sings through the mic after he finishes his work. (bottom left) Junior Zach Chambers, sports writer, dances to Veen singing. (bottom right) Staff artist, sophomore Natalie Walker, smiles at her computer in frustration. Photos by Grace Elder


To get all of the information for new stories The Journal has "beats." They go out and find new information that they can possibly use for new content in the next upcoming issue.

Editor-in-chief, senior Sophia McKinney types on Newspaper adviser, Mike Klopfenstein's computer. She writes down the best ideas for future coverage. Photo by Grace Elder
(left) Sports Editor, senior Nathan Smith waits for his turn to share the information he has gathered for the beats. (right) Chambers follows along on his Chromebook. Photos by Grace Elder

Journey Awards

At the end of every issue The Journal hands out small trophies as a reward for good work. There are four categories, best story, best layout, best photo and MVP of the issue.

(top left) McKinney and Klopfenstein get the attention of the staff. (top right) Culture editor, junior December Tling controls the music for the award ceremony. (bottom) McKinney holds the awards before appointing someone to announce them. Photos by Grace Elder
Smith reads off the nominees for "Best Photo." Grace Elder and Ryder Harris were nominated for this award. Photo by Grace Elder
Photographer, Ryder Harris announces who wins the "MVP" award. Gretchen Turner, Lucy Hiller and Grace Elder were nominated for the award. Photo by Grace Elder
Entertainment reporter sophomore Zing Par holds up the nomination envelope for the "Best Design" award. Owen Hodges, Megan Rogers and Grace Elder were nominated for this award. Photo by Grace Elder
(top left) Staff Artist, senior Kayla Brown opens the envelope to announce the winner of the best story. (top right) Hodges applauds his Feature Writer, Ayslin Bowman, for being nominated. (bottom left) Hodges claps for News writer, Gretchen Turner, due to her nomination. (bottom right) Features reporter Lucy hiller stands once it is announced she won the "Best Story" award.
Hiller gives a speech after winning the "Best Story" award. She thanks the person the feature piece was about. Photo by Grace Elder


On Friday, Oct. 8 at 6:40 a.m. Journal students arrived to distribute the journals to each classroom. This is the first time the staff can see the new issue of the newspaper.

Once the newspapers have been picked up from the printers they come in bundles. They have to cut the material of what is holding them together so they can begin dividing them into stacks of 20. Photo by Ayslin Bowman
(top) business manager Kevin Rodgers separates Journals before taking them to his assigned classes. (middle left) Annabelle Shrieves checks the board to see where she is taking her stack of Journals. (middle right) Walker looks through the content she produced this issue in print. (bottom) Par starts separating the journals into piles. Photos by Ayslin Bowman