Overfishing das not good

because of humanity's ever-growing population, the need for food has raised hugely. due to that, fishing for food has literally "gone overboard". we've gone from a good old fashioned fishing rod to gigantic nets that can catch whales, these nets have caught more than just fish, sometimes other animals like baby whales and dolphins, and is now affecting the ecosystem. because of over fishing the scarceness is affecting the sea-life and now coral and plants are dying.

while the animals are in danger, so are the people, fish being scarce will affect the lives that rely on them such as the indigenous people that live on coastlines. now that fish is hard to find, the people that are living there will have a hard time finding food. if you take away the fish from a indigenous ecosystem then lots will die. Many fish species are being killed for food and baby whales, dolphins and other aquatic animals are "caught" in the crossfire.

these are some solutions that could help save the environment

1. one way we can stop over fishing is by reducing the size of the nets. by doing this we can avoid killing dolphins and other aquatic sea creatures that were caught the crossfire.

2. another way we can avoid over fishing is by fishing near the center of the ocean. doing this will give indigenous people and animals that live by the coast their food back.

3 another way we can stop over fishing is by placing laws over certain areas where fish is scarce and are struggling to survive. this will give the fish time to populate and survive in the area.

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