We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to grow our family through adoption! We truly admire you and know that you are faced with many hard decisions and you are in our family's thoughts and prayers. We are grateful for your courage and selflessness that can make our dream of become adoptive parents a reality. We've seen so many miracles on this journey and we are so excited to add a baby and a birth family to our lives. You will always be an important part of our family!

Our Story

We have been married for almost 10 years. We met in Las Vegas and we were married in the San Diego LDS Temple a year later. We had a perfect day with all of our family and closest friends! At the end of the day we gathered with family and spend the evening with a bonfire and dinner on the beach. Every year we celebrate our anniversary by having a bonfire with friends and family! Our family and our faith are extremely important to us!

Jake is a fun-loving, silly, and happy guy. His kids absolutely adore him. They count the minutes until he gets home from work so they can wrestle him and play games with him. He's a loving, thoughtful and kind husband. He never misses a soccer game. He is loyal and hard working. He manages sales at Adobe in Lehi, Utah for all of North and Latin America. He loves to snowboard, to hike, and to be on the lake. He is very close with his 3 brothers and two sisters and especially his parents. His Dad is Italian and his Mom is from Curacao - between the two of them they speak 8 languages! In addition to English, Jake is also fluent in Spanish and Italian and can speak conversational German. His best quality is his ability to whip up the most delicious Italian food you've ever had! Actually, his best quality is his ability to make us all laugh with his silly puns and crazy dancing. He has a beautiful singing voice and is well-known speaker at many sales conferences. He's a talented and brilliant guy!

Wendy loves the outdoors and is always pulling the car over to take photos of beautiful places. She loves traveling, camping, swimming, playing volleyball, rock climbing, snowboarding, and taking her kids on adventures. She loves being a wife and mom more than anything! She has her Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University and works part-time from home as a freelance graphic designer. She loves designing beautiful things and teaching her kids about art and photography. She is in charge of a church group of 20 ten-year-old girls that meet at her house every other Monday to learn about everything from baking to family history. She is very close with her parents and siblings and loves to get together for game nights and dinners at her home. She also loves visiting her mom on the Oregon coast.

Our Kids

We have two incredible boys! Dash is eight years old but is mature beyond his years. He is incredibly smart and is always thinking about science and how things work! He loves Math, speaking Spanish, snowboarding, going for long bike rides, camping, swimming, Legos, museums, and any kind of adventure. He also loves to draw and is a talented fisherman. He can tell you some great jokes and is a fantastic reader. He's a friend to everyone he meets and has the most tender heart - especially when it comes to his little brother. When Dash was 5 years old, the only thing he wanted for Christmas was a little brother or sister! One of his favorite things is going to Harry Potter World and Disneyland and staying from the time it opens until the minute it closes. Every night when it's time to make dinner, he comes in the kitchen and asks "what can I do to help?" He's a great cook and also a wonderful helper to his Mom.

Dash and Milo at Dash's baptism

Milo is two years old and has a huge personality and a great head of hair. He has a dimple that will melt your heart. He's silly, adventurous, and LOVES his big brother. He's super smart and loves asking people what their favorite animal is. He also loves camping, playing in the snow, helping his Mama clean the windows, and jumping on the trampoline and playing outside with Dash. He's the most affectionate little guy and loves to snuggle, give hugs and kisses and tell people he loves them.

Where we live

About 5 years ago we moved to Midway, Utah. We feel so blessed to live in a safe, beautiful mountain town that is filled with trails, lakes, camping, and room to run, play, swim, ride bikes and garden. Our kids have so many fun neighbor friends and no fences so they can run and play between houses. Our neighborhood is nestled against the mountain and is filled with open spaces, bike trails, basketball courts, and two swimming pools. We live close to lakes, waterfalls, ski resorts, campgrounds, rivers, museums, and zoos.

Bike trails in the neighborhood
Neighborhood swimming pool
Kayaking at Deer Creek reservoir
Fishing at Wasatch Mountain State Park
During the summer we have neighborhood movie nights!
Having fun at Jordanelle Reservoir
Halloween in our neighborhood is unbelievable! We usually have 300 trick-or-treaters!
In the winter they build Ice Castles in Midway that we love to visit.
Our house in Winter! We get a lot of snow!

What we love

We love finding and cutting down our own Christmas Tree each year.
We love cooking and gathering with our family for the holidays!
We love growing a garden in the summer!
We love Kauaii, Hawaii
We love harvesting apples in Huber Grove in the fall! A 100 year old apple orchard that still produces exotic apples.
We love the hot air balloon festival in Kanab!
We love watching Fourth of July Fireworks over Deer Creek Reservoir from kayaks with the Lewis Family (Wendy's brother & family).
We love camping at Mirror Lake with Family. This is Dash and his Grandpa Daniele.
We love camping with friends!
We love picking wildflowers in the Spring!
We love visiting Wendy's Mom on the Oregon Coast. She lives in Yachats, Oregon.
We love crabbing when we're visiting Wendy's mom.
We love skiing and snowboarding.
Milo loves being on the lake with his mom!
Wendy and Dash love going to BYU football and volleyball games!
We love Jake's big, wonderful family.
The kids love Wendy's Mom (Grandma Alice) and Auntie Florence
We love Wendy's supportive family.
Wendy's siblings, Dad, and Dad's wife.
We love our cat Lightning. He's an outdoor cat but sometimes gets to come in to snuggle the kids. Dash takes 100% care of the cats as they are technically his pets.
We love our cat Lilly, our other outdoor cat. She loves catching mice and snuggling the kids.

Why we hope to adopt

While Wendy was pregnant with Dash she got severely ill and almost lost her life. She was diagnosed with a condition that required her to have a feeding tube or picc line for the majority of her pregnancy. She also had the same condition when she was pregnant with Milo. Doctors have advised her that it would be unsafe to try another pregnancy. Our two boys are the joy and light of our lives, but we've always felt we had a daughter waiting to come to our family. We've felt the loving prompting to pursue adoption and our faith is strong that we'll soon be connected with the child our Heavenly Father has in store for us.

For more information or if you have any questions, email renifam@gmail.com

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