A Journey Through My Art By: Nathalie Ohanian

Red rose is my favorite kind of flower. I chose to make it look more of a painting effect because it looks more eye popping and different.
I wanted to show two worlds at the same time where one can be completely free and happy while at the same time we might not know it, but others can be going through hell. Due to recent events occurring around the world I felt it was important to share this idea.
My first cartoon character that I drew in Adobe Illustrator. Many tracings and formation of shapes were involved to create this.
Pikachu was my second cartoon character that I created. It was also my favorite anime character. Its also a very cute little creature!
Personally I don't like haunted houses but I enjoyed creating the lighting effect from the window. Also making the background all dark and spooky like from a day-time background was pretty cool too.
One of my favorite creations! I tried making it look as real as possible and wanted to include a lot of colors so it stands out.
I tried making this one a little with humor and with weird context therefore a crab is on top of the building. Many cutting and pasting with coloring was involved to help create this image.
This picture is special to me because I took this photo during my first visit to France! I added my own filter and made layers to make it brighter.
This was a little challenging for me because I had to add the mountain background to make it more full. I have to say this is my favorite picture I have worked on.
I created this picture when I had some free time. It was a regular image of a strawberry and I wanted to see it with different and abnormal color. So I changed the color from red to purple.


Created with images by DariuszSankowski - "film equipment classic" • blaise1969 - "photoshopped purple strawberry"

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