The Topography of Trees

I am awed and amazed by the subtle beauty in nature. I find wonder in the line, geometry and simplicity of design in the natural landscape – the layered structure of a pine cone, the symmetry of a sunflower’s seed head, and rhythmic waves on the shoreline. But these examples are obvious, on full display, and hard to miss. What I truly marvel at are the patterns and designs in more subtle, discreet, even hidden details all around us. They reinforce a believe in a Creator who crafted a world with an eye in the details – merging form and function in spectacular ways.

I photograph these inconspicuous and overlooked visual gems to not only showcase their grace and allure, but to in some small way raise the viewer’s consciousness as they walk in nature – opening their eyes to the divinely magnificent patterns and designs.

In this series, “The Topography of Trees”, I explore the distinct contours, elevations and reliefs in the wood grain of downed cypress trees revealing intricate swirls, rolling curves, and eye-catching patterns resembling miniature topographical maps.

Created By
Yolanda Santiago White


Yolanda Santiago White

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