Marriage is Good By: Logan Luster

Marriage can save lives

Marriage can save lives

The fist reason why marriage is good is because it can save lives, such as your's and your children. According to city journal they say that married people live longer and healthier lives and when women are married they gain protective benefits from their spouses or a body guard you might say. Not only do married couples live longer, but also their children live longer and when the parents get divorced than you knock four years off of an adult child's life.



The second reason why marriage is a good thing is because it improves bone health. This reason is mainly proven in men who are married because when men are married than their bone minearal health will go up, so they don't have to suffer osteoporosis. For women it fluctuated because if they are married to a spouse who is really supportive and cares for them, than their bone mineral will improve also.

Less Depression & Mental Health Problems

Less depression and fewer mental health problems

US study showed that mental health improves consistantly after marriages and deteriorates substantially after divorce which is the third reason why marriage is a good thing. When a man and a woman get married than they are more likely to not have mental breakdowns or depression because there is someone there who loves them and cares about them and only wants the best for them.

Marriage = Sex

Marriage = Sex

The fourth reason why marriage is a good thing is sex. Sex is a good thing for the human body because it reduces stress and also boost self-esteem in each other. When you have sex than you are giving off a hormone called oxytocin which is the "love hormone" and happens when we become intimate. Once you have had sex in marriage than it helps you and your spouse built trust because there is this bind between y'all.

Understanding One Another

Understanding One Another

The fifth and final reason why marriage is good is understanding. For marriage to really work out than you need to understand what each person thinks love means. Everyone does not understand love the same way, so might think physical, but others might mean emotional. You also need to keep an open-mind and understand where each other are coming from during a disagreement.


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