@corgi.cam Caramel "cam" corgi: Founder + CEO

Currently, I'm CEO of Front Jacuzzi.

Check out my latest app. It's the corgi + luxury resort experience you've always wanted. Trust me, you'll love it. Hit the Download button below to get Front Jacuzzi Back Corgi.

Previously, I was CEO of AlexaPet, an augmented reality pet that interacts with your Amazon Echo. I also went around by a vanity moniker of TinyFox.xyz

AlexaPet won an Alexa Prize and was invited to showcase at AWS:reInvent 2017. It was my first Vegas trip and I got to shake hands and rub suits with a lot of other CEOs.

I am also the interim CEO of PettyAR, the AReality3D nusoy sub-brand that creates apps such as ARKitty and ARDoggy and ARPuppy and more!

You can follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my other adventures.



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