Severe Storms by guillermo Quinones


What is a thunderstorm? It is a storm that generates lightning and thunder.

It can produce heavy winds, heavy rain, and hail.

Thunderstorms start from a cumulus stage, which means that warm air rises and the cloud grows bigger.

The cloud grows and once it is at its biggest and then it starts to rain. This is called the mature stage.

Then the precipitation cools down the cloud and the storm dies. This is the dissipating stage.


Tornados are violent windstorms that form a vortex. These tornados are formed when warm air rises and when it begins to rotate. Then air begins to roll creating a vortex.


The hurricanes get strength from the water in the ocean. They are called typhoons and cyclones in other areas of the world.

It first begins as a bunch of thunderstorms. Then warm air forms the storm and moves to the center and rises creating clouds. Then the cloud forms a ring. Then the ring spins and grows.

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