Safety Superpowers

What Are Safety Superpowers?

Lucky Says:

Safety Superpowers are different skills that help you be prepared and stay safe. You can practice them in your everyday life and during safety drills so you're ready in case of an emergency situation.

Some Safety Superpowers will activate on their own, but others like Super Speed or Camouflage should only be activated when a trusted adults tells you to do so!

One of the most important Safety Superpowers is Super Attention.

Super Attention means being able to know what is around you and when something is different than it is supposed to be.

Your Super Attention may activate another superpower, Danger Sense.

Your Danger Sense is knowing when something near you doesn't look or feel right.

Another important Safety Superpower is Super Listening.

You use your Super Listening to listen to your teacher, parent, or other trusted adult and follow all of their instructions.

Super Quiet is being able to stay calm and making no noise while hiding during an emergency event.

Your Super Speed power is when you become faster than any threat and escape quickly.

You may also need to activate your power of Super Stealth at the same time!

Super Stealth is when you stay quiet and escape a threat when safe to do so.

You can use your superpower of Camouflage to hide so well you can't be seen! It can help to try and hide behind big objects like a desk.

Two other important superpowers are Super Courage and Super Honesty.

Super Courage means being brave and doing the right thing even when it may be hard or scary.

You may need to activate your Super Courage to help you use your Super Honesty.

Super Honesty is telling a trusted adult when you spot something wrong, even if it means telling on a friend.

It's also important to be a Super Friend.

Being a Super Friend means showing kindness to everyone and treating others like you want to be treated. It's never okay to be a bully!

Safety Superpowers are like any other skill practice makes perfect!

To help you practice, Kiernan Group Holdings has put out a Safety Activity & Coloring Book

This book has a lot of great activities that will help you practice different Safety Superpowers!

To purchase a copy of the activity book or for more information about Lucky, email info@gotpreparedness.com

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