The History of Fantasy Sports Sean Sisler

Who is credited with starting fantasy sports?

Wilfred Bill Winkenbach created Fantasy Golf in the 1950's. He had a tournament where people would select professional golfers as part of their "team". The player whose "team" had the least amount of strokes at the end of the tournament would end up winning.

Wilfred Bill Winkenbach

What is Rotisserie League Baseball?

The creation of fantasy baseball came with Jack Kerouac. Later on in 1961, John Burgeson created a version of Fantasy Baseball coded for an IBM 1620 computer. The Rotisserie League was established by the Chicago Baseball League which was founded in 1978 by a Ivan R. Dee. The Rotisserie League was named after a restaurant where the founders met to eat lunch and play their first game.

Rotisserie League Poster

What part have Sports Journalists played in the growth of fantasy sports?

As Fantasy Sports grow, the career field of Fantasy Sports Journalism is becoming a more viable and successful career choice. There are things to write about like how a player is playing or even things like predicting how a game will go for certain players. Journalists or analysts like this could sway an entire outcome of a tournament.

Fantasy Sport Journalists

When did fantasy football begin to emerge in the market?

Fantasy Football was created in August in the year of 1962 by Wilfred Winkenbach. It didn't begin to emerge into the market until 1963. Winkenbach was in a Hotel Room in New York when he came up with the idea. He was affiliated with the Oakland Raiders at the time of the creation of the game itself.

Oakland Raiders

How much is fantasy sports worth today?

In the current day and age, Fantasy Sports are valued to be around $70 billion dollars.

Those them big bucks

What are the issues with fantasy sports?

One major problem with fantasy sports would have to be gambling. If any organization was found to have involved gambling they could be in major legal trouble.


Why do some groups want to ban fantasy sports sites?

They do not want to promote any illegal activity that can come from Fantasy sports. It also attracts many young people and could teach them some very poor habits at a very young age which they will carry on with them throughout their life.

Gambling pt. 2

How has the internet expanded the popularity of fantasy sports?

The internet has been able to expand the popularity of fantasy sports because it is an advertising market that is open to the entire world. With the internet, people are able to learn all kinds of things about fantasy sports and peak their interests.


What is FSTA? What interests do they represent?

FSTA stands for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. It is interested in everything Fantasy Sports related and works to share information with all members of the site.

Fantasy Sports

What problems have occurred with the fast growth of fantasy sports?

The rapid increase in fantasy sports has caused problems in the sense that there aren't very many "leagues" and there are so many players that they can't keep up with the influx of players in a financial sense.


How would you explain the enthusiasm of fantasy sports?

I feel as though fantasy sports have fans that are just as extreme as the fans of the Oakland Raiders. Seriously, have you seen some of those people? They are absolutely insane.


What is the ethical dilemma presented by online fantasy sports sites that require payment to participate?

Opens the door for possible corruption within certain organizations who run fantasy leagues. (Fan Duel, etc.)

Fan Duel

How has the media been impacted by fantasy sports?

The media has been impacted in the sense that sometimes they have to adapt to the people that watch for Fantasy Sports. For example, ESPN can adapt and have a segment specifically for Fantasy Sports.


How have athletes and teams been affected by Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports encourage teams and players to perform better as a whole. With this they can boost their own stats and gain recognition.


What future trends do you see for the industry?

I can only see the industry continuing to grow.


Target Market?

The target market would be any major sports fan starting from teenage years all the way to maybe the mid 50's.


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