Ishindenshin Seshen ☯ Ben Gerstein

Ishindenshin (以心伝心) is a Japanese idiom which denotes the interpersonal communication through unspoken words and mutual understanding, between minds and hearts.

Two musicians from Japan/Norway and USA collaborate in improvisation through sound and movement.

Music of ritual, meditation, offering, dream...


Seshen is a vocalist and dancer from Japan, living in Oslo, Norway, performing and teaching internationally. Her artistic work is to embody, interpret and express the natural phenomena through voice and movement in improvisation. She strives to integrate holistic perspectives into her arts through practices in nature, sustainable living, healing modalities, indigenous traditions and ancient cosmology.

Ben Gerstein

Ben Gerstein is a trombonist and artist from Santa Barbara, California. Based in New York City since 1995, he collaborates with groups and individuals around the world. His music and works explore influences of nature, composition, culture and art through improvisation, performance, multi-instrumental and mixed-media practices.

Indoor performance collaborating within acoustic, artistic, and architectural design, history and purpose, where the space, forms, colors and sound all become one as music.

Outdoor performance as ritualistic experience — a musical journey beyond simply "performance". Our bodies and sounds converse with nature, remembering the ancient ways from which music originated.


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Upcoming and Past Performances

2018: 20 October ☯ Norges musikkhøgskole, Levinsalen, Oslo 11, 12 October ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo25 June ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo ║ 6, 7 February ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo ║ 13 February ☯ Norges musikkhøgskole, Levinsalen, Oslo ║ 16 February ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo ║ 2017: 17 December ☯ TENPU, Shizuoka, Japan ║ 21 December ☯ AIREGIN, Yokohama, Japan ║ 24 December ☯ Studio GINGA, Chiba, Japan ║ 13 November ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo ║ 14 November ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo ║ 15 November ☯ Sandvoldsalen NMH, Oslo ║ 18 August ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo ║ 21-22 August ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo ║ 22 May ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo ║ 23 May ☯ Aquarius Studie Senter, Drammen, Norway Trio ║ 24 May ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo ║ 19 March ☯ Aquarius Studie Senter, Drammen, Norway ║ 23 March ☯ Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Oslo ║ 26 March ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo ║ 2016: 19 November ☯ Hurdal Økolandsby, Norway ║ 25 November ☯ Small Project, Tromsø, Norway ║ 26 November ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo ║ 22 September ☯ Majorstuen kirke, Oslo



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Seshen ☯ Ben Gerstein

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