One Nation Under Lies By Breach The Silence


2014 | Metal

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“In your quest for power, you ruined what we stand for. -- Put us all in debt, pushed us to the brink of war."


  • Breach the silence was a five piece metal band from Martinsberg, WV.
  • The band has shared the stage with: Sevendust, Mushroomhead & Powerman 5000.


Luke Tatum

Whew, those vocals. They are all over the place! Fun chorus, though. I am inclined on many days to agree that most all of us will follow to the gallows. Not just to be gleeful protesters, either! No, we are not going to watch the latest national scapegoat be hung to death. We are going to hang ourselves, in the service of those we have been taught to forfeit our lives to. When you watch the kinds of paperwork today's children come home from school with, it's little wonder how some people treat "the public" as some kind of deity in and of itself. But, let us always remember that the public is not really in control of anything: politicians and their hordes of unelected, useful idiots rule the day. Indeed, we have seen just what happens when taxpayers try to assert their rights to public property: They are cleared away like debris.

Sherry Voluntary

“You can't separate us, united we won't fall. One nation under lies, united we stand tall.”

The lies of The State are really all that is binding the nation together. The counter revolutionary document that so many worship, The Constitution of The U.S.A., has the first big lie that so many people believe: We The People. I always chuckle a bit when someone says something to the effect of “We the people need to take our government back!” Really? Back to what? They speak as if there is a common belief that everyone holds, but then back every totally unconstitutional thing their team comes up with. The hypocrisy of the common American is a testament to how effective propaganda is. We the people is the kind of grand idea that makes people continue to buy into their system, but bankrupts people's actual love of individual rights and freedoms. Yes, the US does stand tall, unfortunately it’s not the kind of standing tall that comes from acting with dignity and respect, but rather the kind of tallness of the bully that stands over his victim after a good throttling.

Nicky P

Brink, shmink! We've been at war virtually my entire life. and one hundred percent of my adult life. We don't see the war like most other nations do because we don't fight them at home. We wage them on the shores of places most of us will never go against people who want nothing more than to live lives peacefully. Unfortunately warlords of all varieties refuse to let them. We're lucky in a sense because as this song points out we have wealth for our warlords to bleed out of us. The peasantry of the third world doesn't have as much to be robbed, but make no mistake be it inflation or borrowing we are being robbed. I'm personally not a big fan of incurring the debts of the nation on myself. For as much as I can I refuse to own their wars. Let them default and let the companies that the war-state props up fall. I'll not pay in their name when the final bill comes do.

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Nicky P