The Northern Renaissance By Sam Hieken

Northern Renaissance Photo

Northern Renaissance:

• It occurred in countries like France, Germany, and England

• It was influenced by the Italian Renaissance

Albrecht Dürer


• He was an important figure in the German Renaissance

• He went to Italy during the Italian Renaissance to study art there, and possibly to escape the plague in Germany

Hans Holbein the Younger


• His father was also a painter

• He was the king's painter to King Henry VIII

Van Eyck

Van Eyck:

• He painted both religious and secular things.

• We don't know when he was born


• He had many painters in his family including his son

• He went to a burning city and painted a picture of it


• He was also a scholar and wrote in Latin.

• As well as being a humanist, he was also a priest.

Sir Thomas More


• He was a counselor to King Henry VIII.

• He wrote the book "Utopia", which is the first time someone wrote about the idea of a perfect world.

Christine de Pizan

Christine de Pizan:

• She served as an author to the court of a few dukes like Charles VI.

• Her writing usually talked about women following the practice of chivalry.

• She also wrote books containing practical advice for women.

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