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Scheduling your engagement session

Engagement sessions usually last 1-1.5 hours and are ideally on a weekday, in the evening. The best light is two hours before sunset, so if at all possible, we like to capitalize on this beautiful time of day.

Why do we aim for a weekday evening? The world is less busy. There are less people on the streets, in the park, etc. to distract from you two and your photos. We can always try and schedule with plenty of time in advance to make a weekday work for you.

We do, however, know it's not always possible to schedule on a weekday, so we do set aside a very small amount of Sunday evenings for those couples that absolutely cannot make a weekday work. Let us know if you'd like to try and find a Sunday and we will do our best to see if we have any availabilities.

Timing: if you're using your engagement photos for save the dates, we typically recommend scheduling this session approximately 5-6 months ahead of your wedding date. Save the dates are typically sent around that time, and with our turnaround of 2-3 weeks on your images, that gives time to receive your photos, pick a favorite, and get those cards sent!

About the Session

Engagement sessions are supposed to be fun! This is a perfectly laid back time to let the two of you be yourselves, and be in love. We want this time to be about you two: to tell your story and to showcase who the two of you are as a couple.

Our sessions are typically calm and go with the flow. While the goal of this session is to get some awesome photos of you both, it's also a time for us to get to know each other. Not just personally, but through the camera as well so you can understand how we direct and compose each image.

After the session, we are always open to any feedback you may have in case we need to change anything for the wedding day portraits. Some couples prefer more seriousness instead of laughter, or sometimes the sessions lead people to discovering their “good side.” Whatever the case may be, it’s great practice for the wedding day photos as well. Photography on your wedding day goes much smoother and quicker if we are all comfortable with and know what to expect from each other!


Every couple is different, and we want this session to reflect the two of you as best as possible. On the wedding day, it's not always easy to really showcase locations that you two adore due to time constraints, travel, big bridal parties, etc. so we love when the engagement session has meaning to our couples.

We've done sessions in all kinds of places, and we will happily help you settle on a great location so when you look back at these photos, they feel like "you".

Take some time together and brainstorm ideas. If your style is more modern and minimal, you may want to pick a city block with modern store fronts, an interesting building or two, an art museum, or a parking garage with geometric architecture. If you’re both foodies, a colorful outdoor market or a picnic may be an option. Really take a moment to think about the things you both love, and how to turn that into the perfect setting!

what to wear + bring

Let's start here: don't let choosing the right outfit stress you out. Like the location, your attire should be a reflection of you. We recommend no more than two outfits during this session so we can maximize our time together. If you'd like to bring more you always can, but it may affect the amount of time we have shooting together!

Simply: dress comfortably and like 'yourself'. Think of your location(s) and what makes the most sense for what your vision is. From our end, we love primary colors as they generally "pop" in most surroundings, but we typically recommend staying away from loud patterns and tiny stripes!

Avoid baggy button down shirts and be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to change in and out of because we’ll probably do a bit of walking. Also, try to avoid any clothing that may show visible straps, tags, or semi-transparent clothing that could reveal undergarments.

in summary

This session is meant to be fun, and we hope that we not only made you feel more prepared with this "guide" but we made you feel more excited as well! Engagement sessions are the most laid back, fun time to hang out and grab some awesome images, and we are so deeply excited we get to start this adventure with you!


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