Dining & Entertaining

Formal Dining options

Presentation Plates

Haviland Limoges Presentation plates - Grey or Gold - £130
Bernardaud - Dune Platinum or Gold £85, Sol £126,
Christofle Grey £76, JL Coquet Metallic Grey £92
Legle in the color of your choice - colored border with inner and outer gold rim - £68, Legle Textured Platinum or Gold Charger plate £145
Legle Carbone and Moonscape Platinum, from £90
Bernardaud, Charger plates, £176 - £290
Mineral Irise, from £55 for dinner plate

White & Gold

Raynaud, handmade in France, dipped in gold. Charger £73, dinner plate £50, desert plate 40, bread plate 31.


Top row: Service plate 27 cm £35, service plate 29.5cm £67, dinner plate £37. Bottom row: salad plate £35, desert plate £37, bread plate £26


Made in France napkins, from £50 per napkin



Massena from £85 for a tumbler; Jupiter from £120 (no tumblers); Mille Nuits from £60 for a tumbler

Vista Alegre

Red wine £48, white wine £46, tumbler £35, highball £38, champagne flute £50


Water, Red wine, White wine, Champagne, Single/Double old fashioned, Highball (£50-52 all sizes per glass)

Saint Louis Crystal

Cerdagne Collection (£100 per glass)
Twist £80-105 per glass
Amadeus Collection - water, red and white wine, champagne (clear set £90 per glass, grey top/bottom set £150/glass)



Albi, from £48, Origine, from £9, America from £48, Fidelio, from £32, stainless steel

Villeroy & Boch

La Classica £249 for a set of 24
Piedmont £249 for a set of 24
Neufaden Merlemont £379; Notting Hill £249, Ella Partially Gold Plated for £309, all for a set of 24


From £350 for 24-piece set

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