Hasan Al-Sheikh BIM 1

January 5

How was your holiday and what did you do?

My holiday was decent, i moved out of my old house and moved to my new and improved one. Even if it was freezing cold, sometimes me and my friends go and dare each other to go jump in the pool. If i had nothing else to do i would just sit in the office and play games on the computer, unless my grandfather asked me to type some stuff up for him.

January 6

What was the most trouble you ever given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you ever given them?

The most trouble i ever given my parents was when i opened a cabinet in my house and all the glass fell out and broke, i had to get some stitches on my foot that day. The most enjoyment i gave them was when i came back to the house with a all A honor roll to them which made them so proud of me for doing such a accomplishment.

January 10

Does writing help you express your feelings?

Yes, writing helps you express your feelings by making your feelings into visible words so that you and other people can see what you feel, Its a great way to let you let out some things that you want other people to know about yourself.

January 12

What dream can you conceive?

I can conceive a my dream of being a good track runner by believing in myself and training hard to achieve that goal.

January 13

What are your plans for the weekend?

My plans are to just sit and relax at my house, maybe even go to my uncles or grandparents house to visit and probably play outside with my brother some basketball.

January 17

How do you decide you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

Well, before you like someone, you gotta know them first like their hobbies, what they like to watch, what they like to eat, basically be their friend for a bit till both of you are ready to go to the next step.

January 19

Have you ever "passed on a kindness"?

Once someone paid for my candy in the store when i forgot my money at my house and i shared with a little kid some candy when his mother didn't have any money, i guess you can say i passed on a kindness there.

January 24

Who is your biggest fan?

My parents to me are my biggest fans, they help me get through everything that I have trouble with.

January 26

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

What i love most of myself is that i am a hard worker and i wont stop till the work is done, and people love how caring i am

January 31

Which of your senses more important to you? What would you do without it?

I would say all of my senses are most important to me, if i didn't have them i wouldn't be able to do anything i like

February 2

Do you treat people as they are, or as they ought to be?

I treat people the way they treat me, basically if you treat me kind, ill treat you kindly, but if you treat me like trash, ill return the favor.

February 7

How were you taught to tell the truth?

I had to learn the hard way, i told a lie that got someone in so much trouble that the police was involved so i had to go help him convince the police that it was someone else.

February 9

Have your parents ever practiced "long division" on you and your friends?

No, my parents never practiced a "long division" on me or my friends.

February 14

What is the most important advise you have ever received?

I was taught by a lot of people to never give up when hope is lost, this kind of advise got me through a

February 16

What was the stupidest thing you have ever done? Did someone persuade you to do it?

The stupidest thing I have done was jump off a roof in the pool, i didn't get injured but still, it was pretty stupid of me to listen to my friends who were the ones that told me to do it.

February 17

What type of candy do you like?

For me, i choose not to eat candy as much cause of all the negatives about them, but if i am gonna pick a certain candy, it would be Hershey or Reese.

February 21

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish i learned that hard work pays off, because i used to never do anything to prepare me for tests, races, etc. But now, i am able to do those things the best i can do and succeed at it.


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