The Giant Burger Digital Storytelling

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a hamburger. He was so fat that no one wanted to eat him. Every day people would take photos of him because he held the world record for biggest hamburger in the world.

The giant burger

But, one day a greedy man came and said “ Hello there hamburger! You know, I want to eat you.” So he did. The hamburger was screaming internally (quite literally) from all the pain. The man only ate less than 1/1000 of the burger because it was so big.

The greedy man and burger

Because of that, everyone was sad but tempted to eat the burger as well. Until the police came and killed the man. But the people around the world couldn’t resist themselves and wanted to eat the rest of the hamburger. To prevent that, the police had to kill those people. Nearly 10% of the world’s population died.

Until finally there was only the police left alive. The rest of the people were dead and buried. But some the police officers couldn’t cook so they ate the hamburger and killed each other off until there was only one guy left.

And, ever since then, the human lived alone on Earth but died from a disease that only doctors could have cured had they been alive. The human species was extinct, but a small fraction of the burger lived on.

The End

By Rosemarie, Clara and Floriane

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