Wind By: Rayne guinta

The globe is encircled by six major wind bells, three in each hemisphere. From the equator all the way to the poles they are the polar westerlies and easterlies and also the trade winds.

Wind: the definition of wind is horizontal air moving. All of the Earth's wind is caused when the Earth's heating is uneven on the Earth's surface. This causes convection currents to move. The convection current causes global winds.

The Coriolis effect is the most visible in the path of a thing moving longitudinally. This is an object that moves along a north to south trail. It can also move in a longitudinal.

Global wind patterns are also known as general circulation. Each of the winds in a hemesphere and are divided into three wind belts.

Doldrums is a a type of expression called colloquial. This refers to the pacific and Atlantic oceans affected by the Intertropicak Convergence Zone.

Subtropical highs are subtropical latitudes that are between 30-38° that are both north and south

The winds from the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere have two belts of winds that trade, these encircle the earth from low pressure zone belts and tropical high pressure belts.

The anti-trades, the Weaterlies, or the prevailing Westerlies are prevailing winds that go from the east to inbetween 30° and 60° latitudes. They form in high pressure areas inside the horse latitudes and form tropical cyclones.

The polar easterlies are dry, and cold prevailing winds that blow from high pressure areas of the polar highs at the north and south poles towards the Westerlies at high latitudes,

Jet streams are fast flowing relatively narrow air currents found in the atmosphere around 10 kilometers above the surface of the earth. They form at boundaries of adjacent air masses.


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