Poseidon's Fountain company! by Sam malesker

Hello, I am Poseidon and I am happy to help you! What we do is we install drinking fountains or water fountains for schools, parks, and really anywhere. If you need me for anything, please call 717-873-POSEIDON or go to our website, www.Poseidonwaterfountains.com.
Some of my workers that work for me is my daughter Amphitrite, she is the Vice President of Poseidon's fountains!
Some history about about Poseidon: Poseidon had lots of kids, their names were Theseus, Triton, Polyphemus, Belus, Agenor, Neleus, and Atlas. He also has some spirit animals, and thoes are a horse, a dolphin, a fish, a bull, and a ram. His symbol is the Trident.
But, if you happen to have a pet horse, a dolphin, a fish, a bull, or a ram, you will get $25 dollars off every purchase!


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